WeatherTalk: The sun sets the latest in Fortuna

From June 24 through June 26 this year, the official sunset time in Fortuna, ND, is 10:03 pm.

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FARGO — Fortuna, a small town in the northwest portion of the North Dakota, holds the distinction of having the latest clock time sunset in the coterminous United States. From June 24 through June 26 this year, the official sunset time in Fortuna is 10:03 p.m. The further north and west a location is within a time zone, the later the sunsets will be. Fortuna is 6 miles from the Canadian border, so it is very far north, and it is also within a western protrusion of the Central Time Zone which places it much further west than most places on Central Time.

This is for the coterminous United States, of course. Locations in Alaska, which are much further north, have sunsets much later. North of the Arctic Circle, the sun does not set at all for a period of days or weeks, depending in latitude, around the Summer Solstice.

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