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Superior pins Ashland, finished second in own Spartan Classic

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The Superior High School wrestling team had a busy week with a 51-24 win Thursday night at Ashland then a second-place finish in its own 35th annual Spartan Classic on Saturday.

Eau Claire Memorial finished first in the eight-team tournament with 222 points. Superior had 216 points, just ahead of Ladysmith, 215.5.

The Spartans had four division winners, led by senior Oscar Flaherty, who won the 220-pound weight class, but also won his 100th match in the process. His 3-1 win over Ashland’s Mason Schelvan in the championship match gives him 101 career wins.

Other first-place finishers for Superior were Jack Androsky (126), Brandon McClure (145) and Gunnar Gronski (195).

“Team effort, that’s all that I can say, it was a great team effort,” SHS coach Bob Coleman said. “These guys have worked hard and really have jelled as a team. I feel it is due to our senior leadership and how they are willing to mentor our younger wrestlers and bring them along.

“It’s exciting to see these guys grow and improve. Like Gunner Gronski pinning his way to the championship at 195; Joe Carter taking a big step with a third-place finish; and Caden Stone working his way to a third-place finish.”

Gronski was the winner of the “most pins, least time” award with his five pins taking 7 minutes and 14 seconds.

Ladysmith’s Nathan Roatch finished first at 152 pounds and was named the tournament’s most outstanding wrestler.

“It’s exciting to watch the support every wrestler showed for each other,” Coleman said. “Our team is very cohesive and really battle in every match because of their love for each other. I’m very proud of the entire team. Even team members that could not wrestle were engaged in the tournament with support or help at the score tables.

“Our parents and booster club did a great job putting this tournament on. It’s a lot of work and they went the extra mile. I personally want to thank each and every one that helped make the Spartan Classic a success.”

SHS 51, Ashland 24

The Spartans also won Thursday night at Ashland.

The Spartans won nine of the 14 matches, led by pins by McClure (145 pounds), Gronski (195) and Flaherty (220).

Also for Superior, Landon Lathrop won a 7-1 decision over Ashland’s Mason Schelvan at 132 pounds and Androsky (126), Logan Stone (152), Nathan Anderson (160), Carter (170) and Lars Root (182) win via forfeits.

“I guess one of the things that is really standing out is we have about four or five guys with injuries and some of them are season ending, but they still come to practice every day and helping coach the younger guys,” Coleman said.

One of those wrestlers is Gabe Anderson, who was injured early in the season and has not been able to wrestle.

“Gabe is a perfect example,” Coleman said. “As a senior that is tough to work through. It would be easy for him to say, ‘why should I go to practice because the chance of me being able to wrestle again are very slim,’ but instead he models goodness by saying things and doing things that encourages his teammates.

“I am so proud of him and his efforts in a tough situation.”

Superior 51, Ashland 24

106 — Wyatt Dimich, A, def. Wyatt Johnson, 11-4

113 — Jarod Stricker, A, pinned Tucker Johnson, 1:30

120 — Eric Gerovac, A, pinned Austin Mills, 1:33

126 — Jack Androsky, SHS, won by forfeit

132 — Landon Lathrop, SHS, def. Corey Hagstrom, 7-1

138 — Mack George, A, dec. Caden Stone, 13-6

145 — Brandon McClure, SHS, pinned Willy Bearskin, 1:46

152 — Logan Stone, SHS, won by forfeit

160 — Nathan Anderson, SHS, won by forfeit

170 — Joe Carter, SHS, won by forfeit

182 — Lars Root, SHS, won by forfeit

195 — Gunnar Gronski, SHS, pinned Jace Wiggins, 1:04

220 — Oscar Flaherty, SHS, pinned Mason Schelvan, 4:39

285 — Brennan Corbine, A, pinned Dylan Lowney, 1:07

Superior Spartan Classic

Team Scores

Eau Claire Memorial, 222; Superior, 216; Ladysmith, 215.5; Ashland, 189; Cloquet-Esko, 182.5; Shell Lake, 182.5; Proctor, 112.5; Chequamegon, 86.5; Bayfield, 51.

Superior’s Results

120 — Austin Mills, fifth place: lost by TF to Alex McPhee (PH), 15-0 5:34; pinned by Tyler Harms-Synkiew (C), 0:57; pinned by Trent Vollendorf (L), 1:24; pinned Jaden Schienebeck (Cheq.), 3:24; pinned by Tanner Lighthizer (ECM) 3:32.

126 — Jack  Androsky, first place: received a bye; def. Owen Miesbauer (Cheq.), MD, 12-4; pinned Zach Jenness (L), 3:31; def. Jordan Allen (Cloquet), 4-2; def. Dawson Jones (PH), 3-2.

132 — Landon Lathrop, seventh place: lost to Henry Ringdahl (PH), injury time: pinned by Jordan Jawarski (Ladysmith), 4:59; pinned by Liam  Huset (ECM), 4:22; pinned by William Graf (Cheq.), 1:38; received a bye.

138 — Jackson Karren, seventh place: pinned by Aundrey  Tran (PH), 0:50; pinned by Jacob Guibord (ECM), 0:45; pinned by Cody McTaggart (SL), 1:13; pinned by DJ Livingston (Ladysmith), 2:36; pinned Aiden Wilkenson (Cloquet), 4:46.

138 — Caden Stone, third place: Guibord (ECM), MD, 12-2; pinned Wilkenson (Cloquet), 0:00; pinned Aundrey Tran (PH), 0:37; pinned by Griffin Fjeld (Cloquet), 2:46; def. Cody McTaggart (SL), M. For.

145 — Brandon  McClure, first place: pinned Willy Bearskin (Ash.), 1:15; received a bye; pinned Trey  Mollman (Cheq.), 3:04; def. Donald Murillo (PH), MD, 11-0; pinned Justin Jones (Cloquet), 2:42.

152 — Logan Stone, fourth place: lost to Nathan Roach (Ladysmith), MD 9-1; pinned Owen Mooers (PH), 1:12; pinned Trevor Lund (Cloquet), 0:40; lost to James  LaPointe (Bayfield/Washburn), 8-2; lost to Darren Anderson (ECM), 8-7.

170 — Joe Carter, third place: def. Reese Sheldon (Cloquet), 9-5; pinned by Robert Bontekoe (SL), 5:24; pinned by Levi Smith (ECM), 2:12; received a bye; pinned Zach Crotty (ECM), 2:34.

182 — Lars Root, fifth place: pinned by Blake Flach (SL), 3:10; received a bye; pinned by Hunter Senarhigi (Cloquet), 1:34; pinned by Josh Jenness (Ladysmith), 0:49; pinned by Evan Sirianni (ECM), 1:45.

195 — Gunnar Gronski, first place: pinned Sean Heckle (SL), 1:11; pinned Ethan Mitra (ECM), 3:16; pinned William Wilkinson (Cloquet), 1:04; pinned Jace Wiggins (Ashl.), 0:30; pinned Max Brunner (Cheq.), 1:13.

220 — Oscar Flaherty, first place: received a bye; received a bye; pinned Hendrick Boese (ECM), 0:25; pinned Noah Haines (SL), 0:33; def. Mason Schelvan (Ash.), 3-1.

285 — Dylan  Lowney, fourth place: pinned Matt Dierking (Cloquet), 4:43; received a bye; pinned Matt Drath (ECM), 1:01; lost to Wade Stanger (Ladysmith), 1-0; pinned by Devin Guggenberger (SL), 2:19.

285 — DJ Martin, fifth place: pinned by Devin Guggenberger (SL), 2:47; pinned Sam Pickett (ECM), 1:28; pinned by Brennan Corbine (Ash.), 2:51; pinned Isaiah Rolli (Lady.), 1:42; pinned Matt Drath (ECM), 0:16.

Junior Varsity

JV 126 — Joseph Lehto, third place: lost to Masson Heitela (Cloquet), SV-1 5-3; received a bye; pinned by Caiden Engel (Lady.), 1:41.

JV 152 — Alex Schalis, third place: pinned by Ethan Shermitzler (ECM), 2:28; received a bye; pinned by Anthony Vandertie (Lady.), 1:55.

JV 182 — Rylie  Bass, second place: pinned by Donovin Lowney (SHS), 1:00; received a bye; pinned JJ Pelletier (Cloquet, 0:37.

JV 182 — Donovin Lowney, first place: pinned Rylie  Bass (SHS), 1:00; pinned Pelletier, 2:10; received a bye.

JV 160 — Brady Herbst, second place: def. Gage Hoesly (ECM), 4-2; pinned by Beau Mullins (Cheq.), 3:20; received a bye.

JV 106 A — Wyatt Johnson, second place: pinned Kaylor Adkins (Cloq.), 0:47; lost to Elijah Pearson (Lady.), 7-0; pinned Robert Laakso (PH), 1:26.

JV 106 B — Tucker Johnson, second place: pinned Clayton Castleman (PH), 0:52; pinned Sam Dietz (Ash.), 1:54; pinned by Evan Erspamer (Cloq.), 4:55.

JV 120 — Henry Huber, second place: pinned Brittany Phillips (SHS), 1:55; lost to John Miller (Cheq.), 11-6; def. Jack Barrett (Cloq.), 8-2.

JV 120 — Brittany Phillips, fourth place: pinned by Huber (SHS), 1:55; lost to Barrett (Cloq.), MD 8-0; pinned by Miller (Cheq.), 2:09.

JV 132 — Jason Samarziya, second place: pinned by Tyler Wathke (ECM), 2:54; pinned Shawn Ekle (ECM), 4:41; def. Ryan Hanson (ECM), SV-1 14-12.

JV 145 — Patrick Kerr, second place: pinned by Elijah Acosta (ECM), 2:37; pinned Dean Somrock (PH), 0:13; pinned Ethan Raye (SHS), 2:05.

JV 145 — Ethan Raye, third place: pinned Somrock (PH), 0:26; pinned by Acosta (ECM), 0:48; pinned by Kerr (SHS), 2:05.

JV 220 A — Tyler Moen, third place: pinned Jacob Story (PH), 1:43; pinned by Jordan Mertig (Cheq.), 1:42; pinned by  Braden Lortscher (ECM), 1:54.

JV 220 B — Dylon Thorsen, third place: lost to Jamal Avey (Ash.), MD 11-2; def. Carson Juliot (ECM), MD 10-1; pinned by Nathan Young (SHS), 1:33.

JV 220 B — Nathan Young, first place: pinned Carson Juliot (ECM), 1:32; pinned Avey (Ash.), 2:31; pinned Thorsen (SHS), 1:33.