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Koski two-time winner in UWS mini-track series

Jess Koski was a two-time winner during the second leg of the University of Wisconsin-Superior Mini-Track and Cross Country Series Tuesday evening at the Wessman Arena outdoor track.

Koski won the open mile with a time of 6 minutes, 24 seconds, just one second ahead of Lee Sims and his time of 6:25.

Koski also finished first in the predicted mile, while Jarrow and Sasha Wahman tied for second.

In other events, Oliver Hansen won the 100-meter dash; Tom Naughton finished first in the 400-meter dash; and Zach Mazurek won the 5K run.

Hansen’s time of 18.1 seconds in the 100 was nearly 10 seconds faster than second-place finisher Josh Drexler.

Naughton had the only sub-minute time in the 400 with a time of 58 seconds. Brice Hansen finished second in 1:19.

Mazurek’s time of 18:34 in the 5K run was 10 seconds faster than Owen Dickenson (18:44).

The third leg of the mini-series is at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. The final event is Aug. 7. The event is open to the public with an entry fee of 50 cents.

UW-Superior Mini-Track and Cross Country Series.

Tuesday, July 24

100-meter dash

Oliver Hansen 18.1

Josh Drexler 27.8

Annabella Hogan 28

Margaret Sims 29.8

Alice Sims 42

Rhett Hogan 48

Predicted Mile

Jess Koski 4

Jarrow Wahman 9

Sasha Wahman 9

Brice Hansen 15

Shannon McCoshen 23

Logan Stone 27

Tayler McMeekin 28

Jack Androsky 29

Jayden Ketola 30

Lee Sims 31

Julie Zimmerman 39

Oliver Hansen 46

Open Mile

Jess Koski 6:24

Lee Sims 6:25

Tom Naughton 7:11

Sasha Wahman 7:15

400-meter dash

Tom Naughton 0:58

Brice Hansen 1:19

Tayler McMeekin 1:20

Jayden Ketola 1:22

Aiden Robbins 1:30

Julian Robbins 1:31

John Robbins 1:36

Oliver Hansen 1:49

Frank Robbins 1:49

Josh Drexler 2:34

Margaret Sims 2:43

Alice Sims 3:39

Rhett Hogan 4:47

5K Run

Zack Mazurek 18:34

Owen Dickenson 18:44

Lee Sims 20:40

Jack Androsky 21:29

Oliver Hansen 29:04

Brice Hansen 29:04

Jayden Ketola 29:10

Shannon McCoshen 29:13