Team Jones wins Trailblazers’ All-League Match

The entire match came down to the last game of the evening as Wasserman and Peterson played with the teams tied at 111 total points.

Team Jones
Team Jones includes, from left, Gary Peterson, Mike Jones, Jeff Seemuth and Dave Marincel.
Contributed / Nick Olson

SUPERIOR — Team Jones defeated Team Wasserman 3-2 in the Superior Trailblazers Pool League All-League Match April 28 at Top Hat Tavern in Superior.

Team Wasserman
Team Wasserman includes, from left, Tom Wasserman, Ty Johnson, Bill Beyer and Rick Phillips.
Contributed / Nick Olson

The match pitted eight of the top players from the Superior Trailblazers Pool League in a four-on-four match. Sixteen games were played, with each player playing one game against one member of the other team. The event was scored by rounds following the normal format that the league plays on Thursday nights from October to April.

Team Jones won round one 32-24, winning three out of four games. Rick Phillips defeated Team Jones’ captain Mike Jones 10-6 to start out round two, then Team Wasserman captain Tom Wasserman and teammate Bill Beyer won their games to give Team Wasserman the second round win, 35-29.

In round three, Team Jones won three out of four games, as Gary Peterson defeated Phillips and took over the role of being the only undefeated player in match history. Phillips is now 7-1 and Peterson 4-0. Team Jones’ Dave Marincel defeated Ty Johnson 10-4 and Jones defeated Wasserman 10-7.

Team Wasserman was able to win round four 27-24 as Phillips had the only table run of the contest defeating Marincel 10-0. Team Jones’ Jeff Seemuth did answer with a win of his own over Johnson 10-2, then Beyer defeated Jones 10-4.


The entire match came down to the last game of the evening as Wasserman and Peterson played with the teams tied at 111 total points. Peterson was able to finish off Wasserman 10-5 to secure the victory for Team Jones, 3-2.

The league also raised money for the event’s national anthem singer Belle Modeen who is attempting to travel to New York to audition for a show on Broadway. Modeen is a current Superior High School student. League operator Nick Olson was the commentator and Sandy Vatalaro was the official scorekeeper. The event is available for viewing anytime on the Trailblazers Facebook page.


Team Wasserman 2

Team Jones 3


Rick Phillips 37-18, 1 ERO

Ty Johnson 15-40

Bill Beyer 36-26

Tom Wasserman 26-37


Stan Seemuth 25-32

Mike Jones 30-33

Gary Peterson 40-23

Dave Marincel 26-28

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