Team Berthiaume defeats Team Phillips in the Trailblazers Pool League All-League Match

The match pitted eight of the top players from the Superior Trailblazers Pool League in a four-on-four match.

Four men stand and pose for a photo
Team Berthiaume, pictured from left, includes Al Berthiaume, Seth Pennington, Mike Walkowiak and Joe Prigge.
Contributed / Nick Olson

SUPERIOR — Team Berthiuame won the first round by one-point. They would go on to outscore Team Phillips 99-71 throughout the rest of the match on April 20 to win 4-1 by a total score of 132-104.

The match pitted eight of the top players from the Superior Trailblazers Pool League in a four-on-four match. Sixteen games were played, with each player playing one game against one member of the other team. The event was scored by rounds following the normal format that the league plays on Thursday nights from October to April.

The teams split wins 2-2 in round one with Brett Ulvila and Rick Phillips winning games for Team Phillips and Mike Walkowiak and Al Berthiaume winning games for Team Berthiaume. In round two, Team Berthiaume swept Team Phillips. Seth Pennington and Joe Prigge joined Walkowiak and Berthiaume in the win column. Prigge completed the only earned run out of the game when he defeated Phillips 10-1.

Four men stand to pose for a photo
Team Phillips, pictured from left, includes Jim Jardine, Matt Deragon, Rick Phillips and Brett Ulvila.
Contributed / Nick Olson

Team Phillips made a push in round three as Matt Deragon defeated Pennington 10-3, Jim Jardine defeated Prigge 10-4 and Phillips defeated Walkowiak 10-6. Teams Phillips won the round 32-23 and closed the gap on total points to 18. However, Team Phillips would fall short as Pennington and Prigge defeated Ulvila and Deragon to clinch the match for Team Berthiaume.

Berthiaume went undefeated on the evening outscoring his opponents by 24-points. He became the second player to be named a Team Captain more than once and became the third player ever to go undefeated in the match.


Phillips became the Match’s All-Time leading scorer as he surpassed Tom Wasserman’s number of 83. Wasserman was elected to participate in the match, but unfortunately lost his battle with cancer in February. A memorial was set up in his honor table-side during the match and his family members Dorraine Wasserman (wife), Patricia Soliday (sister) and Melissa Riedasch (niece) accepted his match award.

Superior High School student Belle Modeen sang the National Anthem prior to the opening game. The event was livestreamed and is available for viewing anytime on the Trailblazers Facebook page.


Team Phillips 1

Team Berthiaume 4


Jim Jardine 30-30

Rick Phillips 28-33

Matt Deragon 23-33

Brett Ulvila 23-36


Al Berthiaume 40-16

Mike Walkowiak 32-33

Joe Prigge 30-25, 1 ERO

Seth Pennington 30-30

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