Tavern 105 wins Superior trap club playoff title

Superior Telegram Tavern 105 defeated Harmony House 121-118 to win the Superior Trap & Gun Club's summer league playoff championship. Tavern 105 also finished first in the Red Division during the season. Shooters Supply finished second. Membe...

Tavern 105
The Tavern 105 trap team was recently crowned the 2016 Superior Trap & Gun Club summer league playoff champion. Members of the Tavern 105 team are, from left: Jerry Folman, Tom McGrath, Jim Erickson, Ryan Chase, Dean Thompson, Dan Thompson and Dave Thompson. Tavern 105 was the Red Division regular-season champs then defeated harmony House 121-118 in the plahyoff championship match. (Submitted photo)

Superior Telegram

Tavern 105 defeated Harmony House 121-118 to win the Superior Trap & Gun Club’s summer league playoff championship.

Tavern 105 also finished first in the Red Division during the season. Shooters Supply finished second.

Members of Tavern 105 were Dan, Dean and Dave Thompson, Jim Erickson, Tom McGrath and Ryan Chase.


The Harmony House team included Larry Brooke, Mike Anderson, Butch Tendrup, Chris Brennan, Mat Susinski, Judy Pederson and Don Kuznia.

Liberty Kennels won the Blue Division title, and Harmony House finished second.

Members of Liberty Kennels were Emerson Stahl, Tom Shaw, Reg Southerton, Larry Larson, Jamie Reno, Les Hovis and Dave Compton.

Travis Krause was the high gun in the adult league at 96 percent and Larry Larson was the most improved shooter at 22.8 percent. Dylon Ion was the high junior (92.42 percent) and Rachel Leland was the top woman (75.58 percent).

Kallie Kimmes, Justin Kimmes and Brandon Mattson won the junior league title.

Kallie Kimmes was the high gun (81.82 percent) and Justin Kimmes was the most improved (10.27 percent).

Trophy Shoot

Reg Southerton, Don Kuzina, Les Hovis and Car Vana won 16-yard titles in the annual Trophy Shoot.


Travis Krause, Pete Krause, Larry Larson and Wendell Hathway won handicap titles, and Brian Martin and Travis Krause, and Don Clark and Bob Zembo won doubles titles.


Trophy Shoot


Class A - 1. Reg Southerton, 50x50; 2. Ernie Flood.

Class B - 1. Don Kuznia, 48x50; 2. Jim Erickson, 47x50.

Class C - 1. Les Hovis, 48x50; 2. Tom McGrath.

Class D - 1. Car Vana, 45x50; 2. Jerry Folman.



Class A - 1. Travis Krause, 45x50; 2. Ron Krause.

Class B - 1. Pete Krause, 42x50; Brian Martin, 41x50.

Class C - 1. Larry Larson, 49x50; 2. Don Clark, 39x50.

Class D - 1. Wendell Hathway, 38dx50; 2. Jerry Folman.


Class A/B - 1. Brian Martin, 25x30; 2. Travis Krause.



Hawthorne Trap & Gun Club

League Playoffs - Week 2

Tuesday, Sept. 13

Championship bracket

NII 121, Lakeside Towing 120

Went. Lumber 121, Poplar Hardware 119

NBC 119, Harmony Hot Shots 117

Roadhouse 122, Jim’s Meat Market 121

Semifinal pairings

Tuesday, Sept. 20


Wentworth Lumber vs. Roadhouse

Tuesday, Sept. 13

Consolation bracket

Budweiser 117, Riverside 114

Bud Light 121 MLB Construction 0

Gravel Pit 111, Superior Shooters 92

Wick Construction 120, Halvor Lines 119

Long’s Well Drilling 119, Vil. Pump 115

Bud Light 120-120, Soyring Farms 120-114

Middle River 121, Wick Construction 110

Am. Family Ins. 117-114, Bud 117-0

Long’s Well Drilling 119, Gravel Pit 21

Pairings for Sept. 20

Bud Light vs. Long’s Well Drilling

American Family Ins. vs. Middle River

High Scores

25s-Jamie Vee, Jeff Bottolfson, Dean Amys, Rod Amys, Guy Peterson, Mark Nollet, Dan Thompson (x2), Paul Ashley, Josh Chell, Tony Ronchi Sr., Jim Erickson, Jesse Peterson (x2), Jens Gregerson III, Frank Kacsir, JJ Gregerson.

24s-Dave Thompson (x3), Mark Bergren, Matt Harrison (x2), Wally Soyring, Matt Bauer, Rod Amys (x2), Don Warmington, B. Nevin (x2), Dusty Soyring, Matt Mackey (x2), Scott Woerle, Stan Sadenwasser, Tom Miesbauer, Spike Stegman, Alex Kotter (x3), Stu Peterson, Zack Sadenwasser, Paul Ashley, Ryan Fraley, Scott Lundberg, Jim Erickson, JJ Gregerson, Jason Moreau, Ryan Chase, Dave Ronchi, Frank Kacsir, Buzz Ronchi (x2), Dave Olson, Eric Gucinski, Tony Ronchi Jr., Jeremy Winans (x2), Rich Melcher, Dick Melcher, Tony Ronchi Sr., Josh Chell.

Top Women-Tricia Ronchi, 22, 18; Shelley Balcer, 21, 18; Cindy Ellis, 19; Peg Hipsher, 18.

High Juniors-Zach Hipsher, 24; Jake Makela, 24, 23; Luke Gregerson, 23; Trevor Janowicz, 22, 20; Steven Markon, 20, 19; Derek Soyring, 20, 18.

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