Coach: Bill Punyko

Assistant coach: Jake Noonan

Returning swimmers: Ryan Peterson, distance freestyle; Mason Larsen, sprint freestyle and backstroke; Ezekiel Fish, middle distance freestyle and butterfly; Joe Duzell, freestyle; Eli Benson, freestyle and backstroke.

New face to watch: Paolo Pagnucci, breaststroke and other events.

Team strengths: "We're young — a lot of developing talent — but we have experience from swimming with the YMCA as middle schoolers," Punyko said.

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Biggest challenge: "The biggest challenge is staying healthy with the pandemic still raging," he said.

Coach's assessment

"We'll be better than last year because of the new talent," Punyko said. "Success is defined by time improvement rather than winning races. You can't win races if you don't get faster."

The team's first meet is set for 6:30 p.m. Dec. 9 at Menomonie.