Re-creating a fire pit on Girl Scout Point in Billings Park isn’t a high priority, but it is getting some attention this year.

Originally built in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration with a view overlooking the St. Louis River, the bench at the site has already been restored and park crews are working to rebuild the stone fire pit that was once on the site.

“We haven’t had a fire pit out there in decades,” Mayor Jim Paine said.

Parks, recreation and forestry staff found photos of the old fire pit, prompting the rebuild.

The project is expected to be completed in the spring, said Linda Cadotte, parks, recreation and forestry director.

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“It’s two stone semicircles surrounding a stone fire pit of the same design,” Paine said. “The fire pit deteriorated or was removed decades ago and the seats were starting to deteriorate years ago, as well. And when I was a child in the 80s and 90s, it was at some point whitewashed over. And then in the past couple of years, that’s been crumbling away.”

After discovering the bench was still in relatively good shape, concrete repairs were done, Paine said.

Then the work started to re-create the fire pit as parks workers have time.

Cadotte said rebuilding the fire pit is a slow process.

Paine said when it's complete, it will be a wonderful place for birthday parties and weddings.

“What we have is a beautiful party gathering spot to have a fire while overlooking the spot where the St. Louis River becomes the St. Louis Bay,” Paine said. “It’s just one of the most gorgeous views in the whole city. It defines my childhood. You can look out on the scenery for hours and hours, and not get bored with it.”