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Prep statistics

FOOTBALL RUSHING PlayerAtt.-Yds. *Deven Rowe, MIB110-1022 Nathan Sikorski, Northwestern158-967 Cole Jackson, Eveleth-Gilbert136-938 *Jordan Parenteau, Cherry215-894 *Tim Tierney, McGregor130-893 Michael Pender, MLWR81-814 *Jaret Sandberg, North W...




*Deven Rowe, MIB110-1022


Nathan Sikorski, Northwestern158-967

Cole Jackson, Eveleth-Gilbert136-938

*Jordan Parenteau, Cherry215-894

*Tim Tierney, McGregor130-893

Michael Pender, MLWR81-814

*Jaret Sandberg, North Woods115-780

Riley Mudek, Esko114-775

Jake Disterhaupt, MLWR68-745


*A. Demenge, McGregor71-694

Daniel Warpula, Barnum76-668

Brian Lansing, Duluth East102-667

Peter Warren, Cook County74-634

*Jonah Koehler, Silver Bay118-601

Zach Royer, Hermantown47-593

*Z. Kinstel, Cromwell78-580

Mark Pooler, Northwestern117-570


Mitch Sella, Virginia70-559

Mike Nordean, Two Harbors101-540

Colin Everson, Cook County53-524

Zach Skleton, Mesabi East90-509

Marquez Evans, Cloquet83-497

Colton Selix, Barnum61-470

Alex Toscano, Duluth East90-455

*Travis Hooper, North Woods31-417

Zach Peterson, Barnum44-416

Kale Boomer, Cook County46-414

Adam Olson, Hermantown89-412

*Trent Combs, MIB43-405

*Bryan Linn, North Woods39-401


PlayerCmp-Att Yds. TDs

J. Gessell, Rapids64-15710589

S. Urban, Superior75-1838856

S. Roberts, Eveleth58-1228038

S. Kedrowski, Cloquet56-1087669

Marc Peterson, Esko56-1077354

Alex Toscano, East40-906918

*J. Hutar, Cromwell39-876646

*K. Karppinen, S. Ridge39-60 6577

Nick Milani, Hibbing36-885488

C. Stackpool, Virginia44-935323

*Archie Winans, MIB24-444603

Luke Small, Silver Bay24-484015

Kale Boomer, Cook Cty.19-46 3934

T. Adamczak, MLWR16-353315

*Deven Rowe, MIB11-303294



Kaleb Kadelbach, Cloquet19-421

Deion Harris, Hibbing19-410

Austin Wiberg, Grand Rapids17-394

Chase Dedominces, D. East21-348

*Drew Janke, S. Ridge15-312

Daniel Warpula, Barnum11-305

Zach Wood, Eveleth-Gilbert17-294

Kyle Turkowski, Superior22-291

*Jared Schultz, MIB13-271

Will Olson, Eveleth-Gilbert18-261

Ben Erickson, Superior19-252

Joe Harris, Grand Rapids12-249

*Bryan Linn, North Woods11-226

*J. Oliver, Cromwell11-223

*J. Moore, McGregor6-222


PlayerTDs Pts.

Jake Disterhaupt, MLWR15 92

Colin Everson, Cook County12 87

*Jaret Sandberg, North Woods14 84

Cole Jackson, Eveleth-Gilbert12 76

Michael Pender, MLWR12 74

Daniel Warpula, Barnum11 72

*Z. Kinstel, Cromwell10 66

Mark Pooler, Northwestern11 66

Colton Selix, Barnum9 66

*Jonah Koehler, Silver Bay8 55

*Travis Hooper, North Woods9 54

*A. Demenge, McGregor6 52

Kevin Folman, Hermantown8 52

*T. Honstrom, McGregor7 50

Zach Royer, Hermantown8 48



Daniel Warpula, Barnum1172

Jake Disterhaupt, MLWR1091

Michael Pender, MLWR1034

*Tim Tierney, McGregor1012

*A. Demenge, McGregor942

Riley Mudek, Esko920

*Z. Kinstel, Cromwell918

Nathan Sikorski, Northwestern873

Brian Lansing, Duluth East831

Mike Nordean, Two Harbors789

Colin Everson, Cook County745

*Jordan Parenteau, Cherry682

Peter Warren, Cook County653

*Travis Hooper, North Woods629

Lucas Kempffer, Two Harbors600


PlayerAtt.- Avg.

Nate Atkinson, Duluth East16-41.7

Mitchell Weller, Barnum8-37.0

Jake Disterhaupt, MLWR6-36.1

Chad Illikainen, Hermantown17-35.4

Sean Kedrowski, Cloquet18-34.2

Anthony Valentine, Superior32-32.0

*J. Couture, Cromwell11-30.0

Bobby Thomas, Mesabi East24-30.0

John Peer, Two Harbors25-28.0



Ben Erickson, Superior123

*A. Demenge, McGregor88

Zach Skelton, Mesabi East86

*R. Demenge, McGregor76

Anthony Valentine, Superior72

Justin Miesbauer, Northwestern68

Sam Anderson, Barnum66

*Archie Winans, MIB64

Bobby Thomas, Mesabi East62

*Zach Kivi, MIB61

Ben Hall, Duluth East60

Austyn Wasko, Two Harbors60

*Jared Hutar, Cromwell59

*Eddie Watt, North Woods58

*J. Oliver, Cromwell58

Derek Hirsch, Mesabi East56

Mike Gassert, MLWR52

Austin Hayes, Mesabi East52

Brian Lansing, Duluth East52

*Deven Rowe, MIB50

Brett Hawkins, MLWR48

*Zach Kalisch, MIB48

*J. Britton, Cromwell47

Vitaliy Goncharov, Duluth East45

*Leif Maxwell, Silver Bay45

*Luke Small, Silver Bay45



Ben Erickson, Superior5.5

John Zmyslony, Barnum5

Tanner Louhela, Cloquet4

Zach Skelton, Mesabi East4

*J. Britton, Cromwell3.5

Derek Hirsch, Mesabi East3

Cameron Schmidt, MLWR3

Ezra Szczyrbak, MLWR3

Matt Williams, Mesabi East3

*Tim Tierney, McGregor2.5



Daniel Warpula, Barnum4

Kevin Folman, Hermantown3

*Jared Hutar, Cromwell3

*A. Pfisthner, Cromwell3

Ryan Lind, Cloquet2

Dylan McIvor, Cloquet2

Riley Mudek, Esko2

Kyle Turkowski, Superior2

Several tied with1

* Nine-man team



Stephanie Kallberg, Hermantown4.5

Justice Janke, South Ridge3.9

Taylor Orhn, Greenway3.8

Allie Knuti, MIB3.7

Jessica Lindstrom, Superior3.6

Ebony Gray, Hibbing3.5

Summer McDonald, Greenway3.5

Amanda Belden, Esko3.2

Katie Thun, Hermantown3.2

Gretchen Grams, McGregor2.5

Alicia Nopola, Silver Bay2.5


Jessica Lindstrom, Superior2.1

Christaia Houser, Esko1.2

L. Kline, Superior1.1

Ali Iverson, Cook County1.0

Alison Wainionpaa, Superior1.0

Gretchen Grams, McGregor0.9

L. Kline, Superior0.9

Allie Knuti, MIB0.9

Kate Kuck, Greenway0.9

Kathy Ostman, MIB0.9

Rachel Sather, McGregor0.9

Katie Thun, Hermantown0.9


Emily Neumann, Hermantown9.5

Emily Kessler, Greenway9.1

Sidney Mattson, Grand Rapids7.2

Courtney Johnston, Esko7.0

Callie Thomason, South Ridge7.0

Jersey Oie, MIB6.1

Alison Wainionpaa, Superior5.7

Molly McKenzie, Hibbing5.0

Kari Smerud, Silver Bay4.9

Abigail Hawkinson, McGregor4.7


Josie Greenwood, Hibbing4.4

Taylor Orhn, Greenway4.0

Taylor Ryden, Cook County3.8

Anna Carman, Cook County3.6

Jordan Olson, Grand Rapids3.6

Kallyn Knutson, Esko3.5

Therez Ranta, Greenway3.4

Connor Rautio, MIB3.4

Theresa Morrin, Cook County3.2

Lissy McCulloch, MIB3.0

Arielle Schaefer, Hibbing3.0

Ashley Troumbly, Greenway3.0


Connor Rautio, MIB.994

Kailey Wirtanen, Hibbing.985

Maikayla Collins, McGregor.983

Rachel Zubke, Grand Rapids.980

Phoenix Lills, Silver Bay.977

Mikayla Olesiak, South Ridge.972

Katie Thun, Hermantown.972

Abigail Hawkinson, McGregor.965

Alex Olson, Superior.962

Jordan Olson, Grand Rapids.957

Please send prep statistics via e-mail to or fax (218) 723-5314 by 3 p.m. Wednesdays.

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