A fox in the henhouse prompted a call to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

A Maple resident called to report he had live-trapped a fox after it killed several of his chickens. The man reported to Deputy Cindy Strange that he didn’t want to shoot the animal because it had a collar and could be someone’s pet.

Strange contacted Department of Natural Resources Conservation Warden Adam Stennett. He said he’s encountered pet foxes a handful of times in his career, including a fox on a leash in Superior.

It is legal to own a fox in Wisconsin if it was bred in captivity, Stennett said. In all the cases he’s encountered, the fox has been captive-bred. Because that appeared to be the case in Maple, it was not a DNR issue and was left in the hands of the landowner.

Stennett said that anyone with a pet fox should keep documentation on hand to prove it is a domestic, captive-bred animal. As with a dog, a pet fox should be kept from roaming off its owner’s property.