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Striker's Bar wins fast draw summer title

Swan River Kid (Walt Smestad), left, and Deacon Long Spur (Kevin Feind), show off their first-place trophies after lead Striker’s Bar to a first-place finish in the Copper Creek Ranger's Cowboy Fast Draw Summer League. (Submitted Photo)

Copper Creek Ranger's Cowboy Fast Draw Summer League ended with a bang with Striker’s Bar finishing in first place.

Striker’s Bar, which includes Swan River Kid (Walt Smestad) and Deacon Long Spur (Kevin Feind), finished with 126 wins, 14 wins ahead of A1 Amusements.

Action heats up right away. The fall league began at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11.

New shooters are welcome, including substitutes. For more information call Von, 715-398-6952. Equipment will be provided for those wanting to give the sport a try.

Shooting takes place at the A1 Ranch, located 10 minutes south of Superior at 4258 E. Kerwin Road.

Copper Creek Fast Draw Summer League

Final Standings

Striker’s Bar 126

A1 Amusements 112

Mike’s Place 96

Drifter’s Bar 92

Amnicon Bar 88