The Get-Er-Done Club of Gordon is planning to build a trail segment to connect two parallel trails in the Gordon area.

The new segment will allow snowmobilers and all-terrain and utility-task vehicle riders to travel from southwest to northeast Douglas County. The winter-only trail will also allow easier access to businesses in the Gordon area.

“They’ve been working with landowners, and it’s a pretty good route, 5.5 miles, primarily crossing county forestry land and Brule River LLC land,” said Jon Harris, Douglas County forestry director.

Harris said the club was notified to contact the county forest department once it obtained approval from Brule River LLC.

After gaining that approval, foresters walked the proposed route and approved it, Harris said.

The segment will connect Trail 217 south of Crestview Lane and Trail 7 to the north.

“They’re not applying for funding for this trail this year,” Harris said.

The club is proposing to build and maintain the trail with funds provided by the club and its volunteers.

“The club was looking at that area … to connect the two trail systems,” said Brett Corlett, president of the Gordon Get-Er-Done Club. “It makes a nice connection from the northeast to the southwest.”

The route across Brule River LLC land uses existing logging roads, which will require minimal branch trimming and some mowing as well as fixing some washouts, Corlett said.

Corlett said the club also consulted with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources about the new segment.

“She actually thought it was great that we would go out there and clean out some of the trash that people have been dumping out there for decades,” Corlett said.

Douglas County’s Forestry, Parks and Recreation Commission approved the new segment Monday, July 29.

“Thanks for your work,” said Mark Liebaert, committee chairman.