Weather Forecast


Frigid weather strikes the Northland

The past week has thrown some frigid temperatures at the Northland. Because of this, animal activity (and some human activity) has been limited.

During cold stretches it would take more energy to forage and keep warm, so some wildlife will lay low and rely on fat reserves to conserve energy.

Temperatures are forecasted to warm up soon, so the wildlife will be out and about once again.

• The winter severity index in Brule is at 20-25, which is average at this point this winter. The average WSI for Brule is 75 points at the end of winter.

According to the Wisconsin DNR Web page on Winter Severity Index, "The WSI was developed in the early 1970s. It is calculated by adding the number of days with 18 inches or more of snow on the ground to the number of days when minimum temperatures were 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below between December 1 and April 30. If you think of it as adding up points, a day when both conditions occurred would get two points. At the end of the winter all the points are added up, resulting in the WSI number for the whole winter. A winter with an index of less than 50 is considered mild, 50 to 80 is moderate and over 80 is severe."

• The spring turkey drawing has been done. Notifications to successful applicants will be going out in the mail next week.

The internet will be updated with results for customers to look up by the middle of next week. The remaining permits are going on sale at 10 a.m. March 28.