O’Leary wins record 10th Nemadj women’s championship

Silver Bay's Norma O'Leary won her record 10th Nemadji Women's Invitational championship Wednesday afternoon at the Nemadji Golf Course, but it wasn't easy.

Norma O'Leary

Silver Bay’s Norma O’Leary won her record 10th Nemadji Women’s Invitational championship Wednesday afternoon at the Nemadji Golf Course, but it wasn’t easy.

O’Leary finished with a 75 to narrowly defeat Pat Kelly, who finished a stroke back at 76. Tricia Ronchi, last year’s champion, was third at 77.

Kelly carded a 34 on the North course to open up a five-stroke lead over O’Leary and her 39.

The tide changed on the South course and O’Leary picked up six strokes over the first four holes to take a one-stroke lead.

After pars on 10 and 11, O’Leary birdied 12 to get within a stroke of Kelly, who double bogeyed 10, made par on 11 and bogeyed 12.


“The birdie on No. 12 was a really good birdie for me,” O’Leary said. “I haven’t played the North/South for a long time, like probably seven or eight years. It’s only a par 3, but I just remember that hole being a problem for me - I always seemed to hook my shot and get in trouble left. When I got on the tee, I thought how I could possibly get in trouble because it’s been cleared out over there. Anyway, I made a nice shot and then a nice putt for birdie.

“After that I felt really comfortable.”

O’Leary’s par on 13, along with a double bogey by Kelly, gave O’Leary a one-stroke lead with five holes remaining.

The two recorded pars on the next two holes before Kelly regained a one-stroke lead thanks to a par on 16 and a double bogey for O’Leary.

O’Leary tied it up with a par on 17, then won her first Nemadji event in five years with another par on 18.

“After you miss winning a couple of times, you start to wonder if you’re going to win again,” O’Leary said. “I started out hitting the ball really, really well today, but I wasn’t making too many putts. Luckily I was able to hang in there.”

The 70th annual event was played in temperatures in the mid-60s with threat of rain.

“It rained a little bit, but it wasn’t very bad,” O’Leary said. “On our last hole it was raining a bit harder, so I actually took two extra clubs and just swung hard. The pin was way back so I just wanted to make sure I got it on the green. I did and it worked out for me.”


Wednesday’s tournament was the first of the summer for O’Leary.

“I’ve been very busy,” said O’Leary, who is the superintendent/general manager at the Silver Bay Golf Course. “Being my first tournament I kind of focused on it. I’ve had lower scores here, but I’m very satisfied.”

O’Leary will now play in the U.S. Senior qualifying tournament in Owatonna, Minn.

“Before this tournament I said that if I didn’t win I wouldn’t golf in another tournament this year, and if I won I would play in the senior qualifier,” O’Leary said. “I guess I’m going to golf again.”

In the senior division, Deb Mayhew won her first Renna Rychlak Memorial championship with an 87. Rice Lake’s Vicky Harley was second at 93.

DIVOTS: Proceeds from the Nemadji Women’s Invitational support the Superior High School girls golf team. The event raised about $500 last year. … The first Invitational was held July 9, 1947. … This year’s tournament included 21 golfers in the open division and 27 in the senior division. … Barb Olson, who won the last five senior division titles, did not golf Wednesday.


70th Nemadji Women’s Invitational


Championship Flight - Norma O’Leary, 39-36-75; Pat Kelly, 34-4276; Tricia Ronchi, 40-37-77; Deb Showalter, 42-36-78; Maggie Lattery, 40-41-81; and Amy Patenaude, 43-40-83.

1st Flight - 1. Pam Klatt, 87; 2. Vicky Schold, 93; 3. Renee Bodine, 93; 4. Brenda Milinkovich, 94.

2nd Flight - 1. Jeanette Nyquist, 86; 2. Anastasia Ernst, 87; 3. Terrie Storlie, 87; 4. Robin Lindvall, 93; 5. (tie) Moe Miller, Cathy Meysman, 93.

3rd Flight - 1. Amy Peterson, 90; 2. Lyn Larson, 95; 3. Barb Hoag, 97; 4. Michelle Rieder, 100.

4th Flight - 1. Sandi Fogo, 97; 2. Rhonda Anderson, 114.

Renna Rychlak Senior Division

Championship Flight - 1. Deb Mayhew, 87; 2. Vicky Harley, 93.

1st Flight - 1. Cheryl Mortenson, 93; 2. Kathy Nelson, 96; 3. Jane Edwards, 97; 4. Jane Hauser, 98; 5. (tie) Carol Germann, Janet Knutson, 103.


2nd Flight - 1. Delores Graden, 95; 2. Karolyn Jackson, 96; 3. Linda Craig, 101; 4. Gail Erdman, 101; 5. Sheila Lysak, 104; 6. Linda Gattalin, 110; 7. (tie), Mary Ann Hall, Nancy Bell, 115.

3rd Flight - 1. Colleen Hasforth, 107; 2. Joanne Walker, 110; 3. Dana Jackson, 113.

4th Flight - 1. Dorothy Mlekoday, 109; 2. Patti Turcotte, 115; 3. Judy Johnson, 115; 4. Sandra Kailik, 121; 5. Katsy Hanson, 125; 6. Hope Vasseur, 134; 7. Margaret Hardin, 135.


Nemadji Women’s Invitational

Tournament Champions

1947-Mrs. Julius Juel, Nemadji, 86

1948-Mrs. Glen St. Julien, Hibbing, 90


1949-Miss Ione Ogren, Ridgeview, 96

1950 - Unavailable

1951-Mrs. R.W. Johnson, Northland, 88

1952-Carol Ink, Lester Park, 90

1953-Miriamm Anderson, Nemadji, 90

1954-Jean Seaquist, Nemadji, 89

1955-Hazel Leland, Nemadji, 85

1956-Mrs. R.W. Johnson, Northland, 90


1957-Hazel Leland, Nemadji, 86

(Minnesota Public Links Tournament)

1958-Carol Marshall, Lester Park, 89

1960-Mrs. Kenneth Berklin, Hibbing, 95

1961-Mrs. Kenneth Berklin, Hibbing, 89

1962-Mrs. Phalin Johnson, Two Harbors

1963-Miss Carol Wilson, Bemidji, 92

1964-Mrs. P.H. Stromquist, Ridgeview, 22

(Score for three holes of rain-shortened tournament)

1965-60 - Unavailable

1970-Pamela Berry, Mpls., 76

(Minnesota Public Links Tournament)

1971-Lynn Ferr Reiff, St. Louis, Mo., 92

1972-Marilyn Magie, Duluth, 80

1973-Katie Bell, Northland, 88

1974-Mrs. James Stuard, Northland, 88

1975-Linda Hanson, Hurley, 95

1976-Peggy Kirsch, Ridgeview, 84

1977-Peggy Kirsch, Ridgeview, 80

1978-Peggy Kirsch, Ridgeview, 79

1979-Peggy Kirsch, Ridgeview, 79

1980-Sara Asta, Northland, 75

1981-Kim Kaiser, Hayward, 86

1982-Kim Kaiser, Hayward, 77

1983-Carol Marshall, Lester Park, 87

1984-Jean Hall, Grand Rapids, 90

1985-Margo Waletzko, Nemadji, 94

1986-Dana Scheff, Cloquet, 83

1987-Jean Gaske, Cook, 85

1988-Sarah Elton, Burnsville, Minn., 79

1989-Debbie Stocke, Enger Park, 82

1990-Deanna Brown, Danbury, 80

1991-Kelly Steen, Luck, 77

1992-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids, 79

1993-Tricia Wollack, Hermantown, 77

1994-Evelyn Newton, Trout Lake, 78

1995-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 73

1996-Sue Moline-Liberty, 77

1997-Monica Haag, 79

1998-Debbie Stocke

1999-Kelly Steen, 75 (Five-hole playoff with Debbie Stocke)

2000-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 72

2001-Kelly Steen

2002-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 73

2003-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 73

2004-Deb Showalter, 70

2005-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 75

2006-Deb Showalter, 77

2007-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 73

2008-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 76

2009-Deb Showalter, Hermantown, 73

2010-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 74

2011-Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 71

2012-Deb Showalter, Hermantown, 78

2013-Maggie Lattery, Poplar, 78 (One-hole playoff with Deb Showalter)

2014-Maggie Lattery, Poplar, 72

2015-Tricia Glanville, 76

2016 - Norma O’Leary, Silver Bay, 75


Renna Rychlak Memorial

Senior Invitational

1996-Pi Peterson, 82

1997-Barb Fetzek

1998-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids

1999-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids

2000-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids

2001-Pi Peterson

2002-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids, 77

2003-Cindy Raab, 76

2004-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids, 74

2005-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids, 78

2006-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids, 77

2007-Mary Meierotto, Nemadji, 88

2008-Cheryl, Mortensen, Turtle Back, 85

2009-Joan Richardson, Grand Rapids, 79

2010-Carol Carlson, Lakeland, Fla., 81

2011-Barb Olson, Duluth, 86

2012-Barb Olson, Duluth, 82

2013-Barb Olson, Duluth, 82

2014-Barb Olson, Duluth, 84

2015-Barb Olson, Duluth, 76

2016 - Deb Mayhew, Superior, 87.

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