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Northland Outdoors Forecast: Frigid to kick off the New Year

Bitter cold air will slide into the region Friday into Saturday making for a very cold start to 2022.

A surge of cold air arrives in the region Friday. This will lead to some areas experiencing falling temperatures throughout the day. Parts of North Dakota and northern Minnesota could already be in the teens below zero by the evening hours.

Northland Outdoors Forecast: Friday
Friday's forecast for the region.
Jared Piepenburg

Snow will be to the south of the region on Saturday. Grab the shades and a few extra layers. It will be a bitter day.

NOF Friday futurecast.JPG
Futurecast outlook for Saturday.
Jared Piepenburg

Be prepared for some very cold air if you plan on getting out on the ice early Saturday to do some fishing. Temperatures will be in the teens and 20s below for parts of the region. Bring a few extra propane tanks.

NOF Saturday.JPG
Saturday morning's forecast for the region.
Jared Piepenburg

Saturday will be sunny for a large portion of the area. Temperatures wills stay frigid all day.


NOF Saturday wind.JPG
Saturday's forecast for the region.
Jared Piepenburg

Luckily winds won't be all that strong on Saturday. Any air movement will plummet our wind chills with such cold air sitting over us.

NOF Sunday.JPG
Saturday afternoon wind forecast.
Jared Piepenburg

The western Dakotas look to be mild on Sunday as warmer air moves in with a west wind. The Red River Valley will climb back up above zero, but will still be cold in the morning.

NOF Sunday.JPG
Sunday's forecast for the region.
Jared Piepenburg

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Snow passes by the region on Friday with another round Saturday as well as Sunday.