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Jensen tops Balduc at AMSOIL Speedway (updated)

Al Uotinen (98) holds a slim lead on Brady Caul (50) during the WISSOTA ota Modified’s running with the USMTS Friday at the AMSOIL Speedway. (Tom Krob / / 15
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Jerry O'Brien

For The Telegram

Joey Jensen won his sixth United States Modified Touring Series event Friday night at AMSOIL Speedway, passing heat winner Neil Balduc to capture the 25-lap main event feature and earn a $3,000 paycheck.

In other races, former WISSOTA Super Stocks track champion Nick Oreskovich completed the sweep by winning his heat and the 20-lap feature, moving to the front with four laps to go; Dan Kingsley raced from the seventh starting spot to claim the 20-lap Midwest Modifieds feature title; and Mike Blevins beat 13 racers to win his fifth Pure Stocks feature of the season.

LUG NUTS: The USMTS Modifieds were not immune from roll overs as both Modified rookie Brady Caul and Shaun Peterson found their mounts wrong side up during their respective heat races. … Racing resumes at the AMSOIL Speedway at 7 p.m. Friday with the AFCO Race of Champions Qualifying Night.

ABC Raceway

Nick Gima

For The Telegram

It had been over eight years since the WISSOTA Shaw Trucking Late Model Challenge Series had held an event at the ABC Raceway. It had been even longer since John Kaanta had pulled into victory lane.

Both of those long absences ended on Saturday night.

Kaanta, of Elk Mound, led all 40 laps to win his second Challenge Series feature of the season and his first in Ashland since his lone Red Clay Classic win in 2006.

All four feature winners during Saturday’s PolyDome Dirt Track Series program landed in the winner’s circle for the first time this season.

Possibly more impressive then the wealth of first-time winners was the running of the features themselves.

A smooth, wide, race track led to 92 laps of racing interrupted by only one caution flag — and that was for a “jump” on the initial start of the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature. The other three A-mains — including the 40-lap WISSOTA Late Model spotlight event, ran non-stop.

LUG NUTS: The fastest laps recorded in each feature were set by Rick Hanestad in the Late Models (16.385 seconds), Steve Stuart in the Mods (17.501), and Jesse Aho in the Mid-Mods (18.240). … The ABC Raceway will hold its annual “Summer Blast” fan appreciation night Saturday. … The WISSOTA Super Stocks and ABC Six-Cylinders will be included for a five-division points-paying show, the kids’ bike races, postponed from the rain-shortened July 8 program, will be held, and the Northern Vintage Stockcar Racers group will bring a dozen or so vintage race cars to the track to compete.

Proctor Speedway

Racing was rained out Sunday at the Proctor Speedway.

Racing will resume Aug. 20 with season championship night. Also in action will be Northern Vintage stock cars, late models, modifieds, super stocks, Midwest modifieds, pure stocks and hornets 

Hot laps are at 5 p.m. with racing scheduled for 5:30 p.m. 

AMSOIL Speedway

Friday, Aug. 11


Feature (20 Laps) — 1. Dan Kingsley; 2. Jason Schill; 3. Shane Howell; 4. Cody Carlson; 5. Deven VanHouse; 6. Wyatt Boyum; 7. Nick DaRonco; 8. Don Craig; 9. Denny Cutsforth; 10. Skeeter Estey; 11. Brandon Copp; 12. Brady Jokinen; 13. McLean Andrews; 14. Mervin Castle; 15. Dalton Mains; 16. Billy Milne. DNF — Caley Emerson; Tanner Williamson; Dave Flynn; Cole Chernosky; Chris Bretting; Dave DeVente; Austin Ellis; Gunner Peterson; David Simpson; Nikki Wrazidlo. DNS — Mark Kangas,

Heat 1 — 1. Estey; 2. Carlson; 3. Williamson; 4. Craig; 5. Jokinen; 6. Castle; 7. Andrews; 8. Mains; 9. Milne.

Heat 2 — 1. Boyum; 2. Kingsley; 3. Flynn; 4. DaRonco; 5. Cutsforth; 6. Ellis; 7. Bretting. DNF — Simpson; Wrazidlo.

Heat 3 — 1. VanHouse; 2. Schill; 3. Howell; 4. Copp; 5. Chernosky; 6. Caley Emerson; 7. Peterson; 9. DeVente. DNF — Kangas.


Feature (15 Laps) — 1. Michael Blevins; 2. Kyle Copp; 3. Jared Akervik; 4. Cory Jorgensen; 5. Michael Brennan; 6. Allen Rapp; 7. James Vendela; 8. Jeremy Cash; 9. Austin Zoltak. DNF — Ryan Savoy; Justin Madsen; Annika Hammitt. DNS — Tyler Keup,

Heat 1 — 1. Madsen; 2. Jorgensen; 3. Copp; 4. Rapp; 5. Brennan; 6. Keup. DNS — Zoltak.

Heat 2 — 1. Savoy; 2. Blevins; 3. Akervik; 4. Cash. DNF —Vendela; Hammitt.


Feature (20 Laps) — 1. Nick Oreskovich; 2. Dave Flynn; 3. Scott Lawrence; 4. Kevin Burdick; 5. Jeff Klopstein; 6. William (Willie) Johnsen Jr.; 7. Matt Deragon; 8. Rita Anderson.

DNF — Duane Keeler; Cooper Berlin; Jim Campbell; Don Muzzy; Matthew Hammitt; Andy Grymala. DNS — Dan Yrjanson.

Heat 1 — 1. Oreskovich; 2. Klopstein; 3. Berlin; 4. Flynn; 5. Muzzy; 6. Yrjanson; 7. Keeler; 8. Hammitt.

Heat 2 — 1. Lawrence; 2. Campbell; 3. Burdick; 4. Johnsen Jr.; 5. Deragon; 6. Anderson. DNF —Grymala.

ABC (Ashland) Raceway

Saturday, Aug. 12


Shaw Trucking Feature — John Kaanta, Elk Mound; Jeff Wildung, Nassau, Minn.; Jake Redetzke, Eau Claire; Rick Hanestad, Boyceville; Darrell Nelson, Hermantown; Pat Doar, New Richmond; Steve Laursen, Cumberland; Jesse Glenz, Cadott; Buddy Hanestad, Boyceville; Andy Nezworski, Buffalo, Iowa; Blake Swenson, Watertown, SD; Jeff Massingill, Keewatin, Minn.; Lance Matthees, Winona, Minn.; Travis Budisalovich, Minneapolis; Cole Spacek, Phillips.

Heat 1 — Doar; Redetzke; Kaanta; Glenz; R. Hanestad; Budisalovich; Matthees; Massingill.

Heat 2 — Laursen; Wildung; Nelson; B. Hanestad; Nezworski; Swenson; Spacek.

Pole Dash — Kaanta; Wildung; Nelson; Doar; Redetzke; Laursen; B. Hanestad; Nezworski.

Passing Points award — Kaanta.

Halfway Leader award — Kaanta.

Hard Charger award — R. Hanestad.


Feature — Paul Niznik, Medford; Neil Balduc, Bessemer, Mich.; Darrell Nelson, Hermantown; Pat Cook, Washburn; Steve Stuart, Ashland; Al Uotinen, Superior; Bill Byholm, Glidden; Jeff Spacek, Phillips; Steve Lavasseur, River Falls; Rick Rivord, Superior; Jake Hiatt, Mason; Kelly Checkalski, Poplar.

Heat 1 — Nelson; Stuart; Niznik; Lavasseur; Checkalski; Hiatt.

Heat 2 — Balduc; Spacek; Uotinen; Cook; Byholm; Rivord.


Feature — Jesse Aho, Toivola, Mich.; Tyler Vernon, Ashland; Justin Weinberger, Park Falls; Paul Suzik, Ironwood, Mich.; Ryan Adamzak, Marengo; Jared Stricker, Highbridge; George Truscott, Greenland, Mich.; Wayne Stricker, Highbridge; Tanner Hicks, Ashland; Andrew Inman, Hermantown; Marcus Dunbar, Wakefield, Mich.; George Dalbeck, Wakefield, Mich.; David Simpson, Thunder Bay, Ontario; Ross Fuhrman, Ashland; Gunner Peterson, Mason; Ryan Barningham, Bayfield; Cy Hoaglan, Ashland; Cole Chernosky, Thunder Bay; Tyler Luger, Oxford; Jeremy Lindquist, Ashland; Steve Altman, Mercer; Dan Kingsley, Superior; Clay Passuello, Ironwood, Mich.; Chris Bretting, Washburn.

Heat 1 — Simpson; Aho; Vernon; Kingsley; Suzik; Peterson; Wayne Jacques, Thunder Bay; Tyler Hudack, Ashland; Darren Dunbar, Marenisco, Mich..

Heat 2 — W. Stricker; Hicks; Fuhrman; Barningham; Luger; Chernosky; Brady Jokinen, Mellen; Brandon Copp, Brule.

Heat 3 — Adamzak; J. Stricker; M. Dunbar; Bretting; Hoaglan; Lindquist; Dalbeck; Anthony Forfa Jr., Phillips.

Heat 4 — Truscott; Weinberger; Inman; Altman; Passuello; Diamond Bressette, Spooner; Robert Hyde, Ashland; Billy Milne, Thunder Bay.

Semi-Feature: Peterson; Chernosky; Lindquist; Dalbeck; Copp; Hudack; Jacques; Bressette.


Feature — Randy Graham, Trego; Andrew Hanson, Iron River; Kyle Copp, Brule; Jeff Christman, South Range; Don Livingston, Washburn; Matt Olson, Ashland; Austin Gibson, Trego; Jake Nevala, Ashland; Joe Pajtash, Lake Nebagamon; Brock Beilke, Hayward.

Heat 1 — Copp; Livingston; Gibson; Pajtash; Nevala.

Heat 2 — Hanson; Graham; Christman; Olson; Beilke.