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Estey wins 30th race at AMSOIL Speedway

Superior Mayor Jim Paine gets ready to drop the green flag for one of the races Friday night at the AMSOIL Speedway. (Tom Krob / / 4
Photos courtesy of Tom Krob / / 4
Photos courtesy of Tom Krob / / 4
Photos courtesy of Tom Krob / / 4

Jerry O’Brien

For The Telegram

The Friday night segment of racing at AMSOIL Speedway during the annual Head of the Lakes Fair drew a larger number of race cars in the three divisions presented as well as a much larger number of people than compared to Tuesday night’s event.

The racing admission was free to all fair goers and represented a $6 savings to adult race fans that only had to pay for admission to the grounds, which may have had something to do with the large turnout.

On tap for Friday evening’s competition were super stocks, Midwest modifieds and pure stocks, all under the sanction of the WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Series.

A nice total of 67 cars in the three divisions provided a pair of heats and a feature in each class.

Skeeter Estey of Kelly Lake, Minn., won his 30th career AMSOIL Speedway race and fourth of the season with a victory in the Midwest Modifieds feature.

Estey led from the outset of the caution-filled race, while Mountain Iron’s Nick Daronco, who finished fifth, was recognized for breaking Scott Herrick’s record of 348 consecutive feature laps completed, resetting the record at 350.

Mike Blevins of Hibbing cruised to his fifth Pure Stocks feature win of the season, after holding off second-place finisher Ryan Savoy early on and creating a wide lead down the stretch.

In the final feature of the night, Kevin Burdick of Proctor overcame a flat tire to capture a Super Stocks feature win. Burdick, who started on the pole, suffered a flat tire after tangling with another driver early in the race but moved from last place to fourth a few laps later, before taking the lead for good with 15 laps to go.

This Friday will be a busy one as the full five class program will be joined by a  visit from the Northern Vintage Stockcar Racers club.

It is also the first race in the Northern Super Stock Challenge with a large field of Super Stocks expected. The Challenge moves to the ABC Raceway in Ashland for round two Saturday and finishes Sunday at the Proctor Speedway.

AMSOIL Speedway

Friday, July 21

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature (20 Laps) — 1. Skeeter Estey; 2. Jamie Davis; 3. Dan Kingsley; 4.  Dave Flynn; 5. Nick DaRonco; 6. Cody Carlson; 7. Deven VanHouse; 8. George Dalbeck; 9. Brandon Copp; 10. Craig Lofdahl; 11. Chris Bretting; 12. Colin Chaschuk; 13. Wyatt Boyum; 14. Andrew Inman; 15. Jeffery Forseen; 16. Brad Hanson; 17. Don Craig; 18. McLean Andrews; 19. Dalton Mains; 20. Rick Peterson. DNF — Mark Nelson; David Simpson; Alex Smith; Tom Smart; Tanner Williamson; Cole Chernosky.

Heat 1 — 1. Dalbeck; 2. Williamson; 3. Smith; 4. Smart; 5. Copp; 6. Bretting; 7. Chaschuk; 8. Peterson. DNF — Dalton Mains.

Heat 2 — 1. Estey; 2. Lofdahl; 3. Flynn; 4. Boyum; 5. Hanson; 6. Carlson; 7. Forseen; 8. Andrews; 9. Nelson.

Heat 3 — 1. VanHouse; 2. Davis; 3. DaRonco; 4. Kingsley; 5. Craig; 6. Chernosky; 7. Inman. DNF —Simpson.

WISSOTA Pure Stock

Feature (15 Laps) — 1. Michael Blevins; 2. Ryan Savoy; 3. Allen Rapp; 4. Kyle Copp; 5. Chad Carlson; 6. Dylan Shelton; 7. Justin Madsen; 8. Andrew Hanson; 9. James Vendela; 10. Chad Nikstad; 11. Tyler Keup; 12. Richard Dzelak Jr.; 13. Jeff Christman. DNF — Cory Jorgensen; Aaron Bernick.

Heat 1 — 1. Shelton; 2. Savoy; 3. Rapp; 4. Christman; 5. Nikstad; 6. Keup,; 7. Dzelak Jr.; 8. Bernick.

Heat 2 — 1. Blevins; 2. Carlson; 3. Jorgensen; 4. Copp; 5. Madsen; 6. Hanson; 7. Vendela.

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature (20 Laps) — 1. Kevin Burdick; 2. Nick Oreskovich; 3. Scott Lawrence; 4. Matt Deragon; 5. Duane Keeler; 6. Brian Carl; 7. Keith Kern; 8. Rita Anderson. DNF — Matthew Hammitt; Andy Grymala; Adam Shinn; Dave Flynn; Don Muzzy; David Simpson; Jim Campbell; William (Willie) Johnsen Jr.

Heat 1 — 1. Flynn; 2. Oreskovich,; 3. Johnsen Jr.; 4. Keeler; 5. Muzzy; 6. Simpson; 7. Hammitt; 8. Rita Anderson.

Heat 2 — 1. Campbell; 2. Burdick; 3. Lawrence; 4. Carl; 5. Deragon; 6. Kern. DNF — Shinn; Grymala.