Early on Friday, June 14, it appeared that racing at Gondik Law Speedway would take another hit as thunderstorms and cool weather were slated to hit the track just as racing would be set to begin.

All that changed around noon as the wind switched to the west, the temperature elevated to the mid-70s and all forecasts having to do with bad weather disappeared from the radar scopes and racing was on at Gondik Law Speedway, which included “Meet the Drivers Night.”

Unfortunately, the lateness of the weather change kept other fans as well as racers from coming to watch or compete. As a result a small field of just 64 cars and a sparse crowd was on hand.

The night kicked off with Brady Savoy cruising to an easy win, which included leading all 20 laps, in the Midwest Modified feature.

With only a dozen Super Stocks on hand, defending track champion Kevin Burdick beat out DJ Keeler for the feature win.

With some possible rain closing in, officials hurried the show along with the Modifieds next to take to the track for their 20-lap go.

Kevin Eder found himself on the pole, got the jump on Al Uotinen, who was on the outside, and led every lap to take the win.

With a dozen laps remaining in the Late Model feature, the caution flag flew because of a light rain.

Officials had the cars move slowly around the track then parked then at the pit entrance while they decided what to do, then shooed them into the infield while some heavy machinery along with some Pure Stocks tried to roll the track in. More moisture briefly fell and it was decided to call the event.

With two specials coming up in the next two weeks, the final dozen laps of the Late Model feature will be finished on July 12, the next time they will be at the speedway. The Hornet and Pure Stock features will be made up during the next two shows.

2019 HOF

The 2019 Superior Racing Hall of Fame inductees have been announced.

The Retired Drivers category was split into two groups, early drivers and later drivers. Bill Repogle, Mark Wrazidlo and Dave Gillette are the early driver inductees and Brady Smith is the later driver pick.

Cindy Bloomquist will enter the hall for Pioneers/Achievement, and Darrell Nelson will join his dad, Billy, as a hall of fame member in the Active Driver category.

Gondik Law Speedway

Friday’s Feature Results


1. Kevin Eder, 2. Jody Bellefeuille, 3. Mike Anderson, 4. Danny Vang, 5. Al Uotinen, 6. Pat Cook, 7. Todd Gehl, 8. Dan Kingsley, 9. Brady Caul, 10. John Toppozini, 11. Scott Lawrence. DNF: Cody Carlson.

Super Stocks

1. Kevin Burdick, 2. D.J. Keeler, 3. Dave Flynn, 4. Willie Johnsen Jr., 5. Keith Kern, 6. Scott Lawrence, 7. Nick Oreskovich, 8. Kyle Copp, 9. Jim Campbell, 10. Brian Carl, 11. Rita Anderson. DNF: Matthew Hammitt.

Midwest Modifieds

1. Ryan Savoy, 2. Jimmy Latvala, 3. Wyatt Boyum, 4. Jack Rivord, 5. David Simpson, 6. Andrew Inman, 7. Skeeter Estey, 8. Brandon Copp, 9. Cole Chernosky, 10. McLean Andrews, 11. Tanner Williamson, 12. Gunner Peterson, 13. Dalton Mains.