Inaugural Trailblazers All-League event postponed, not canceled

The event will take place when possible at Top Hat Tavern in Superior.


The Superior Trailblazers Pool League’s inaugural All-League Match was originally scheduled for April 9, but due to COVID-19 the event may be postponed, but will not be canceled.

“We do not want to cancel this event,” League Operator Nick Olson said. “We hope that this is the start of a great tradition and to cancel something that so many in the league were looking forward to would be a shame.”

The event will take place when possible at Top Hat Tavern in Superior and will feature eight players from the league that were voted in as the players that were most deserving this season.

The event will include a match pitting four-player teams that will play 16 total games to determine a winner. The match will be played under Superior Trailblazers rules under the sanctioning body of the Midwest Poolplayers Association.

The teams were determined by the top two vote-getters who were named team captains — Jeff Schelin and Tom Wasserman, both of Superior.


The captains picked their teams in a draft. A coin flip was made on March 4 to determine who picked first.

The teams are as follows:

Team Schelin

Jeff Schelin (captain), Top Hat Tavern
Schelin was the top overall vote-getter and had another amazing season. He won 77% of his games and finished with six EROs. Schelin owns the Top Hat Tavern in Superior and has led the way in growing the game in the area. His latest project had been facilitating youth pool lessons in Superior.

Brian Baker, Top Hat Tavern
Baker led the league with an outstanding 14 ERO. Baker is a former Eveleth 8-Ball Shootout champion and is regarded as one of the area’s best. He finished with an eighth overall ranking this season winning 72% of his games.

Derak Gergen, Top Hat Tavern
Gergen was a league MVP finalist this season. He finished with seven EROs and an impressive 10.3 average. Gergen is a two-time Irv Arsenal Memorial Team Tournament Champion. He finished 13th in the 2019 and 2018 Gary Galliford Memorial Tournaments and won the latest 3-player team tournament at Top Hat Tavern in 2019.

Brett Ulvila, Hudy’s
Ulvila was one of five MVP finalists this season, leading the way for Hudy’s Mafia. He won 67% of his games and finished with a 9.0 average. Ulvila’s four-player team won the 2017 Mike Miller Team Tournament at Top Hat Tavern.

Team Wasserman

Tom Wasserman (captain), Top Hat Tavern
Wasserman, the second overall vote-getter, has been a staple in the local pool community for more than 30 years and is regarded as one of the area’s best. He finished the season with six EROs and a 9.2 average. Wasserman has won numerous local doubles tournaments and is a multiple time top-five state tournament finisher.

Mike Walkowiak, Top Hat
Walkowiak, one of the five MVP finalists, won 75% of his games this year and finished with five EROs. He won the latest 3-player team tournament at Top Hat Tavern in December. His team won the Black Bear Casino Open Team Tournament in 2012 and he finished fourth in the Minnesota State Masters Tournament in 2015.


Kevin Pearson, Top Hat
Pearson is the league’s third ranked player finishing with a 10.3 average, winning 78% of his games. Pearson is a participant in nearly every pool event in the area. He finished third in the Minnesota State Tournament B division in 2015 and his team finished fifth in the 2019 Irv Arseneau Team Tournament.

Ron Berg, Charlie Browns
Berg had a great season winning 70% of his games finishing with a 9.1 average. Berg ranked third in 40-point nights this season. He finished fifth in the 2014 Minnesota State Tournament C Division. He finished fourth in last year’s Trailblazers Partners End of the Year Tournament.

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