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Anchor Bar/Belknap Lounge wins pond hockey title

Anchor Bar/Belknap Lounge won the 14th annual Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic championship with a 13-12 win over Freaky Fast Sunday afternoon off Barker's Island. Team members are, front row (L to R), Pat Dalbec and Dane Morin. Back row: Tim Smith, David Dalbec, Kellen McCoshen and Chris Sislo. (Photo courtesy of Missy Siers / / 10
The Game Misconducts defeated Twin Ports Insurance 17-11 in the consolation championship game of the 14th annual Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic Sunday afternoon off Barker's Island. (Photo courtesy of Missy Siers / 2 / 10
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Dane Morin’s goal with one minute remaining proved to be the difference as Anchor Bar/Belknap Lounge defeated Freaky Fast 13-12 in the championship game of the 14th annual Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic Sunday off Barker’s Island.

Freaky Fast had a chance to tie the game when Grant Hanson’s shot at an open net was tipped over the crossbar as time expired.

Morin’s teammates were Kellen McCoshen, Pat Dalbec, Tim Smith, David Dalbec and Chris Sislo, who currently lives in Chattanooga, Tenn.

“This is one of the highlights of my year,” said Sislo, a former Superior Spartan player and coach. “I enjoy playing with these guys. I coached most of them when they were younger and now playing with them is fun.”

Sislo plays in an inline league  in Tennessee, but a recent cold spell allowed him to skate on a local frozen pond.

“We have an inline league so that helps keep my legs in shape, but it’s not the same as hockey,” Sislo said. “The last time I played hockey on skates was pond hockey last year. I did get to skate on the local pond back home, but it’s not like this.

“They gave us a run, those kids can skate. You think you got them and they zip around three of us and score, and you say ‘where did that come from.’”

Other members of Freaky Fast were Matt Hinaus and Terry, Matt, Troy and Mark Shold.

Both the Anchor/Belknap and Freaky Fast went 5-0 through pool play.

Anchor/Belknap defeated Super One Foods 24-12 in the quarterfinals and PBR 26-11 in the semifinals.

Freaky Fast defeated Lakes Gas Co. 20-6 and then jumped out to a 9-0 lead before knocking off the defending champion Bud Light/Dugout Lounge 18-10 in the semifinals.

Anchor/Belknap never trailed in the championship game, which was tied seven times.

Anchor/Belknap scored the first two goals of the game then traded scores with Freaky Fast until the first half ended 6-5 in favor of Anchor/Belknap.

Freaky Fast tied the game up early in the second half and the teams traded goals until the score was 8-8.

Anchor/Belknap eventually took a pair of three-goal leads (11-8 and 12-9) before Freaky Fast tied things up once again at 12-12.

“They were a very good team,” Morin said. “They moved the puck well and were in our face the whole time. We’re used to playing Bud Light every year and they play a completely different game. It was kind of weird being the older guys this time around.”

While the tournament was a considered a huge success, warm weather played havoc with the ice.

But thanks to the hard work of Dave Johnson and Travis Johns, the event was able to stay on Barker’s Island, instead of moving to the Superior Ice Arena, like what happened two years ago.

“Dave and Travis worked on the ice non-stop,” said Brian Raygor, one of the event organizers. “They used the Zamboni, they were flooding, using plow trucks, sweeps, just about everything to make the sure the rinks were in good condition.

“Everything went great. We had to make a few changes with the tent and rink locations, but overall it’s been a great year and we’re already looking forward to next year.”

POND NOTES: Anchor/Belknap also won the title in 2016, while Freaky Fast’s Terry Shold has enjoyed success in the event having played on Senior Division championship teams in 2008, 2010 and 2013. … FCA Hockey was crowned the champion of the Rink Rat Division. FCA’s roster included Bob Horyza, Nate Gazelka, Jaden Baker, Matt Sislo, Josh Huray and Daniel Esslesevom. … There were a total of 44 teams playing over the weekend — 28 adult teams and 16 mini-mite teams. … The Superior police defeated the Superior firemen 15-13 in the second annual Guns-n-Hoses game Friday night.

14th annual Pond Hockey Classic

Open Division


PBR 3-2

Super One Foods 3-2

Wet Bandits 3-2

Young Guns 2-3

KQ Pond Scum 1-4


Freaky Fast 5-0

Channel 4 News 5-0

Sammy’s Pizza 2-5

Jagr Bombs 2-3

Coneheads 0-5


Anchor Bar/Belknap Lounge 5-0-0

Gopher Rejects 4-1-0

Twin Ports Ins. 3-1-1

Champion’s Lounge 0-5-0

Jamar 0-5-0


Bud Light 4-1-0

Lakes Gas Co. 2-2-1

Game Misconducts 2-3-0

High Stick Hoodlums 2-3-0

Coordinated Business 2-3-0



PBR 13, Gopher Rejects 10

Freaky Fast 20, Lakes Gas Co. 6

Anchor/Belknap 24, Super One Foods 12

Bud Light/Dugout 14, Channel 4 12

Consolation Semifinals

Twin Ports Ins. 21, Wet Bandits 14

Game Misconducts won by forfeit

Consolation Championship

Game Misconducts 17, Twin Ports Ins. 11


Anchor/Belknap 26, PBR 11

Freaky Fast 18, Bud Light/Dugout 10


Anchor/Belknap 13, Freaky Fast 12

Rink Rat Division


  1. 3rd Base/Choo Choo; 2. Ice Holes; 3. Wounded Warrior Red.


  1. FCA Hockey; 2. Wounded Warriors Black; 3. Isle O’ Dreams

Championship Game

FCA Hockey won by forfeit over 3rd Base/Choo Choo

Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic

Past Winners

Open Division

2018 — Anchor Bar/Belknap Lounge (Kellen McCoshen, Pat Dalbec, Dane Morin, Tim Smith, Chris Sislo, David Dalbec).

2017 — Bud Light/Dugout Lounge (Kyle Nosan, Kevin Kuklinski, Dustin LaValley, Alex Doig, Rheese Carlson, Ross Carlson)

2016 — Anchor Bar/Belknap Lounge (Chris Bishop, Pat Dalbec, Kellen McCoshen, Dane Morin, Tom Paine, Tim Smith)

2015 — Bud Light/Dugout Lounge (Rheese Carlson, Dustin Cosgrove, Kevin Kuklinski, Dustin LaValley, Derek Miller, Kyle Nosan)

2014 — Bud Light/Dugout Lounge (Rheese Carlson, Dustin Cosgrove, Eric Dahlberg, Kevin Kuklinski, Dustin LaValley, Kyle Nosan)

2013 — Bud Light/Dugout Lounge (Rheese Carlson, Eric Dahlberg, Kyle Nosan, Kevin Kuklinski, Dustin LaValley)

2012 — Bud Light/Dugout Lounge (Rheese Carlson, Eric Dahlberg, Kyle Nosan, Kevin Kuklinski, Dustin LaValley)

2011 — Bud Light/Dugout Lounge (Kyle Nosan, Kevin Kuklinski, Eric Bausano, Dustin LaValley, Eric Dahlberg)

2010 — Dodgie’s/Need a Fifth (Chad Matushak, Tim Nelson, Clayton Weiby, Kelly Stephens, Chris Sislo)

2009 — Heavy Metal Hockey (Steve Rodberg, Ryan Vieau, Rheese Carlson, Ben Johnson, Tony Scherber)

2008 — Lucky’s/Shenannigan’s (Ryan O’Neill, Dan Krenn, Dave Coleman, Andy Klapperick)

2007 — Armadillos (Jeremy Enders, Jamie Dowson, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Sustawenko)

2006 — Gopher Rejects (Justin Johnson, Chris Green, Brian Delwiche, Matt Hupila)

2005 — Need a Fifth (Tim Nelson, Chad Matushak, Jay Matushak, Kelly Stephens)

Senior Division

2013 — Too Old & Cold (Ryan Schold, Terry Schold, Travis Schold, Gary Kucharyski, Ken Mertz)

2010 — Too Old & Cold (Terry Schold, Travis Schold, Gary Kucharyski, Pete Hanson)

2007 — MHL Fab Four (Rick Eisenmann, Ken Mertz, Gary Kucharyski, Steve Sorenson, Mike Susens)

2009 — Rusty Five (Gary Gilbertson, Joel Heikes, Dane Youngblom, Russ Williams, Mike Hinaus)

2008 — Too Old & Cold (Terry Schold, Travis Schold, Greg Kaake, Pete Hanson)

Women’s Division

2009 — Don Leigh’s Ladies (Jill Thompson, Terri Fair, Stephanie Keup, Erica VanDamme, DeeDee Kolanczyk)

Big Pond Bonspiel

2015 — A Event: Seitz (Superior); B Event: King (La Crosse); C Event: Button Up (Duluth)