Heskin hauls In Northern Nationals titleProchnow prevails at AMSOIL Speedway

By Jerry O'Brien For The Telegram Mike Prochnow picked up his first Northern Nationals win on Saturday at AMSOIL Speedway by winning the Polydome Dirt Track Series Late Models race, beating out 24 other cars over 40 laps. Darrell Nelson won the 2...

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By Jerry O’Brien

For The Telegram


Mike Prochnow picked up his first Northern Nationals win on Saturday at AMSOIL Speedway by winning the Polydome Dirt Track Series Late Models race, beating out 24 other cars over 40 laps.

Darrell Nelson won the 29-car, 30-lap Modifieds race, Shane Kisling bested 39 other cars in the 25-lap Super Stocks division, Kevin Eder took home the checkered flag in the 37-car, 25-lap Midwest Modifieds race and Dustin Follett was the victor out of 29 cars in the 20-lap Pure Stocks event.


For Kisling, his win Saturday was his first at Northern Nationals in Super Stocks.

As for Eder, it was his second win of the weekend at Northern Nationals after winning the Modifieds the night before.

A total of 158 cars in the five divisions were on hand Saturday night.

The Northern Nationals began Friday night with Davey Heskin, holder of the track record at AMSOIL Speedway, taking home the checkered flag at the 27th annual Rick Gondik Law Offices Interstate Racing Association 410 Outlaw Sprint special.

Also picking up wins Friday were Curt Myers in the Super Stocks and Brady Caul in the Midwest Modifieds. It was Myers’ 34th feature win of the season as he chases the 2015 Wissota national Super Stock title.


Northern Nationals

Day 1 - Friday, Sept. 11


AMSOIL Speedway

IRA Outlaw Sprint Series (23 cars)

 A-Main (30 laps): 1. Davey Heskin; 2. Scott Neitzel; 3. Blake Nimee; 4. Roger Crockett; 5. Wayne Modjeski; 6. Russel Borland; 7. Bill Rose; 8. Phillip Mock; 9. Jeremy Schultz; 10. Paige Polyak; 11. Kris Spitz; 12. Dave Uttech; 13. Steve Meyer; 14. Rick Kelsey; 15. Kyle Marten; 16. Leigh Thomas; 17. Patrick Heikkinen. DNF: 18. Josh Walter; 19. Ben Schmidt; 20. Darrell Nelson; 21. Michael Decker; 22. Scott Uttech. DNS: 23. Duane Olson.

Heat 1: 1. Polyak, 2. Meyer, 3. Nimee, 4. Neitzel, 5. Spitz, 6. Decker, 7. Rose.

Heat 2: 1. Uttech, 2. Marten, 3. Crockett, 4. Heskin, 5. Mock, 6. Schultz, 7. Heikkinen.

Heat 3: 1. Walter, 2. Modjeski, 3. Schmidt, 4. Uttech, 5. Borland, 6. Thomas, 7. Nelson.

WISSOTA Modifieds (27 cars)

Feature (25 laps): Kevin Eder; Andy Jones; Jesse Glenz; Mike Anderson; Steve Stuart; Brian Mikkonen; Jody Bellefeuille; Deven VanHouse; Chris Wolden; Greg Chesley; Al Uotinen; Scott Heikkinen; Cody Wolkowski.


DNF: Matt Leer; Nikki Wradizlo; Garett Gamby; Jeffery Lien Jr.; Jeff Broking; Darrell Nelson; Rick Cannata; Rick Rivord; Tim McMann; Paul Schultz; Jared Loos; Jeff Tardy; Neil Balduc. DNS: Ashley Anderson.

Heat 1: Glenz; Rivord; Nelson; Cannata; Loos; Wolkowski; Gamby. DNF: A. Anderson; Balduc.

Heat 2; VanHouse; Mikkonen; M. Anderson; Wolden; Uotinen; Tardy; Wrazidlo; Chesley. DNF: Lien Jr.

Heat 3; Broking; Leer; Eder; Jones; Schultz; Stuart; Heikkinen. DNF: Bellefeuille; McMann.

Super Stock (40 cars)

Feature (25 laps): Curt Myers; Dave Flynn; Scott Lawrence; Randy Spacek; Kevin Burdick; Jeff Klopstein Jr.; Shane Kisling; Nick Oreskovich; D.J. Keeler; Shawn McFadden; Andy Davey; Tristan LaBarge; James Trantina III; Terran Spacek; Andy Grymala; Cory Casari; Keith Kern; Butch Butcher; Jim Campbell; Ben Wolden.

DNF: Dale Gangl; Bob Kintner; Willie Johnsen Jr.; Mike Weber. DNS: Kevin Salin.

B Feature 1: LaBarge; Trantina III; Spencer Sorenson; Keith Koski; Luke Schulz; Keith Corcilius; Austin McWilliams. DNF: Mark Smith; Par Heikkinen; Joe Oliver.

B Feature 2: Weber; Casari; Tommy Richards; Jeff Lindsey; Terry Kroening; Wayne Dean; Brian Carl. DNF: Cole Spacek; Todd Gillitzer; Keith Kern.

Heat 1: Grymala; Myers; Kisling; Burdick; Kintner; LaBarge; Trantina III; Smith; Koski; Carl.

Heat 2; Oreskovich; McFadden; Wolden; Butcher; Keeler; C. Spacek; Richards; Kern; Lindsey; Sorenson.

Heat 3: Lawrence; Flynn; T. Spacek; Johnsen Jr.; Salin; Heikkinen; McWilliams; Schulz; Corcilius. DNF: Oliver.

Heat 4: R. Spacek; Davey; Campbell; Klopstein Jr.; Gangl; Weber; Gillitzer; Kroening. DNF: Casari; Dean.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (38 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Brady Caul; Kevin Montieth; Deven VanHouse; David Simpson; Nick Daronco; Dan Tocheri; Mark Kangas; Scott Herrick; Dan Kingsley; Ryan Adamzak; Tyler Kintner; Lance Solem; Dale Soumala Jr.; Cody Carlson; Al Stettner; Jamie Smart. DNF: Don Craig; Kevin Eder; Chris Bretting; Dave Flynn; Cole Chernosky.

B Feature 1: Kintner; Bretting; Craig; Andrew Inman; Tyler Vernon; Eric Anderson; Jason Goldfine. DNF: Justin Madsen; Jeff Forseen.

B Feature 2: Eder; Brad Hanson; Jeremy Lindquist; Mike Blevins; Carey LePage; Mike Jacques; Josh Overn; Greg Arnt. DNS: Shawn Rivord.

Heat 1: Montieth; Solem; Adamzak; Boyum; Kingsley; Craig. DNF: Rivord; Kintner; Eder; Goldfine.

Heat 2: Caul; Davis; Kangas; Herrick; Chernosky; LePage; Inman; Overn; E. Anderson DNF: Jacques.

Heat 3: Daronco; Simpson; Suomala Jr.; Luger; Carlson; Bretting; Arnt; Madsen. DNF: Vernon.

Heat 4: Tocheri; Flynn; VanHouse; Stettner; Smart; Lindquist; Forseen; Blevins. DNF: Hanson.


Northern National

Day 2 - Saturday, Sept. 12

WISSOTA Polydome Dirt Track Series Late Models (24 cars)

Feature (40 laps): Mike Prochnow; Rick Hanestad; Darrell Nelson; Andy Nezworski; Dave Esse; Zach Wohlers; Buddy Hanestad; Travis Budiaslovich; Jay Kintner; Tim McMann; Riley Matthews; Caley Emerson; Brent Larson; John Toppozini; Terry Lillo; Harry Hanson; Kevin Carlson; Scott Herrick; Roger Paolo; Robbie Cooper. DNF: Tim Lillo; Gregg Hill; Aaron Lillo. DNS: Trevor Wilson.

Heat 1: Nelson; Esse; A. Lillo; Emerson; McMann; Kintner; Carlson; Hanson.

Heat 2: R. Hanestad; Budiaslovich; Nezworski; Matthews; B. Hanestad; Paolo; Hill. DQ: Wilson.

Heat 3; Prochnow; Wohlers; Larson; T. Lillo; Toppozini; Herrick; Cooper; T. Lillo.

WISSOTA Modifieds (29 cars)

Feature (30 laps): Darrell Nelson; Jody Bellefeuille; Steve Stuart; Matt Leer; Greg Chesley; Al Uotinen; Rick Rivord; Kevin Eder; Jeff Tardy; Jesse Glenz; Pat Cook; Deven VanHouse; Scott Hudack; Andy Jones; Jared Loos; Brian Mikkonen; Tim McMann. DNF: Rick Cannata; Cody Wolkowski; Neil Balduc; Mike Anderson; Bill Byholm; Jeff Broking; Pat Hoffman.

B Feature: Mikkonen; Cook; Rivord; Hudack; Cannata; Hoffman; Chris Wolden; Wolkowski; Nikki Wrazidlo; Ken Hron. DNF: Dustin Hudack.

Heat 1: Bellefeuille; McMann; Nelson; Chesley; Broking; Byholm; Mikkonen; Rivord; S. Hudack. DNF: Hoffman.

Heat 2: A. Anderson; Glenz; M. Anderson; Leer; Uotinen; Loos; Cannata; Wolden; Wrazidlo; Hron.

Heat 3: Eder; Tardy; Stuart; Balduc; VanHouse; Jones; Cook; Wolkowski; D. Hudack.

WISSOTA Super Stocks (38 cars)

Feature (25 laps): Shane Kisling; James Trantina III; Curt Myers; Tommy Richards; Jeff Klopstein Jr.; Ben Wolden; Willie Johnsen Jr.; Scott Lawrence; Randy Spacek; Tristan Labarge; Shawn McFadden; Terran Spacek; Andy Davey; Cole Spacek; Keith Kern; Nick Oreskovich; D.J. Keeler; Bob Kintner; Kevin Salin; Keith Koski; Spencer Sorenson; Joe Oliver; Dave Flynn; Kevin Burdick; Dale Gangl.

B Feature 1: Richards; LaBarge; Grymala; Sorenson; Campbell; Lindsey; Kroening. DNF: Butcher; Dean.

B Feature 2: Keeler; C. Spacek; Stricker; Smith; Carl; Gillitzer; McWilliams. DNF: Corcillius; A. Schultz.

Heat 1: Klopstein Jr.; Pliver; Kintner; Wolden; Gangl; Grymala; Lindsey; Campbell; Sorenson; Corillius.

Heat 2; T. Spacek; R. Spacek; Davey; Flynn; Oreskovich; Keeler; C. Spacek; Stricker; Carl; Richards.

Heat 3: Johnsen Jr.; McFadden; Kern; Burdick; Salin; Butcher; Kroening; Dean. DQ: Schulz.

Heat 4: Kisling; Trantina III; Lawrence; Myers; Koski; Smith; Gillitzer; McWilliams; LaBarge

WISSOTA Midwest Modified (37 cars)

Feature (25 laps): Kevin Eder; Tyler Kintner; Deven VanHouse; Dan Kingsley; Nick Daronco; Brady Caul; Tyler Vernon; Austin Ellis; Tyler Luger; Kevin Montieth; Dale Soumala; Chris Bretting; Ryan Adamzak; Cody Carlson; Lance Solem; Jeremy Lindquist; Ricky Davis; Scott Herrick; Michael Blevins; Wyatt Boyum; Duane Dunbar; Mike Jaques. DNF: Stettner; Toucheri; Kangas.

B Feature 1:  Blevins; Carlson; Inman; Craig; Kallas; Goldfine; Overn; Smart. DNS: Simpson.

B Feature 2: Luger; Boyum; Kannegiesser; Anderson; Jacques; Dgodin; Arnt; Chernosky.

Heat 1: Kingsley; Daronco; Montieth; Dunbar; Lindquist; Carlson; Overn; Godin. DNF: Simpson; Arnt.

Heat 2: Vernon ; VanHouse; Tocheri; Caul; Davis; Luger; Anderson; Kallas DNF: Boyum

Heat 3: Eder; Kintner; Herrick; Adamzak; Stettner; Craig. DNF: Blevins; Kannegiesser; Inman.

Heat 4: Kangas; Ellis; Bretting; Soumala; Solem; Chernosky; Goldfine; Jacques. DQ: Jamie Smart.

Pure Stocks (29 cars)

Feature (20 laps): Dustin Follett; Michael Blevins; Jason Havel; Chad Carlson; Annika Hammitt; Andrew Hanson; Jon Hammitt; Ryan Savoy; Shaina Rapp; Andy Poll; Chris Johnson; Kasimir Tonnar; Mike Haben; Mark Ko, DNF: Alex Smith; Mike Sirois; David Androsky. DNF: Cole Provinzino; Matt Cunha; Justin Madsen; Matt Derasgon; Chad Nikstad; Brandle Pupp; Ken Hapy. DNS: Travis Zembo.

B Feature: C. Carlson; Johnson; Rapp; Androsky; Tonnar; Hapy; Nelson. DMF: Madsen; Weinberger; Copp; Simonson.

Heat 1; Hanson; A. Hammitt; Cuhna; Haben; J. Hammitt; Provinzino; Weinberger. DNF: Copp; Johnson; Hapy.

Heat 2: Follett; Havel; Blevins; Smith; Deragon; Korte; Madsen; Tonnar. DNF: Simonsen; Rapp.

Heat 3: Sirois; Pupp; Savoy; Nikstad; Zembo; Poll; Nelson; Androsky. DNF: C. Carlson.

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