After more than four decades, the city of Superior is looking for new management at the Nemadji Golf Course.

Mark Carlson notified the city that he would be terminating his lease agreement with the city after one more season of golf.

Carlson was hired by the city in 1976 to manage the golf course. In 2004, the city changed course in how the operation would be run, and Carlson has held the lease ever since the city went from a manager to a management agreement. The change allowed Carlson control of hiring staff, eliminating the need for city personnel to maintain the course and equipment to control costs.

"I'm looking for a new opportunity. It's time for a change," Carlson said, who has no plans for retirement. "Forty-four years is a long time."

The city's Finance Committee is recommending forming a task force to find a new leaseholder to ensure a smooth transition for the 2020 season.

The Finance Committee is recommending creating a Nemadji Golf Course Lease Management Task Force after receiving notice from Carlson that he would be ending the long-standing agreement at the end of 2019.

"After the Finance Committee meeting, I reached out to Mayor (Jim) Paine with suggested individuals to be on the task force including City Councilors Dan Olson and Jack Sweeney, Assistant Finance Director Chris Bronson and Parks, Recreation & Forestry Director Linda Cadotte, City Internal Auditor Tom Andersen, a member from the Nemadji Golf Course Women's Club, a member from the Nemadji Golf Course Men's Club (as voting members to make a recommendation) and that I would be the liaison for establishing the task force meetings during 2019," said Jean Vito, senior administrator and finance director.

Vito said the goal would be for the task force to begin meeting in January to identify a new operator by July to give ample time to make the transition into the 2020 season.

"There will be many things for the task force, and ultimately the City Council, to consider as we move through 2019 including assets needed to operate the golf course, length and terms of a new management contract, planned capital improvements to the course, and in general, ways we can collectively continue to best maintain our city asset," Vito said.