Duck, duck, grey duck?
A pair of Common Goldeneyes leave a splash trail as they run across the water of Allouez Bay as they take flight off of Wisconsin Point Sunday, March 29. (Jed Carlson /

Taking a break from the isolation of my apartment Sunday, I took a drive out to Wisconsin Point. I figured I'd see seagulls, crows, geese, maybe an eagle, if I was lucky.

As I drove down the almost empty road, I noticed a few groups of birds swimming together. I figured they were mallards, the usual visitors out at the point.

As I got closer to them, I thought maybe they were loons?

They turned out to be common goldeneyes. Then a few hundred yards down the road, a group of hooded mergansers swam away from shore.

A pair of Hooded Mergansers swim in Allouez Bay off of Wisconsin Point Sunday, March 29. (Jed Carlson /

Jed Carlson joined the Superior Telegram in February 2001 as a photographer. He grew up in Willmar, Minnesota. He graduated from Ridgewater Community College in Willmar, then from Minnesota State Moorhead with a major in mass communications with an emphasis in photojournalism.
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