All-conference softball teams announced

The Lake Superior, Heart O' North and Lakeland conferences all recently announced their all-conference teams for the spring sports season. Combined, Superior, Northwestern and Northwood high schools had 10 softball players named to all-conference...

Erika Olson

The Lake Superior, Heart O’ North and Lakeland conferences all recently announced their all-conference teams for the spring sports season.

Combined, Superior, Northwestern and Northwood high schools had 10 softball players named to  all-conference teams. The Spartans won the LSC title this season, while the Tiger finished second in the HON.

The Tigers also had six all-conference baseball players, while the Evergreens had one.


Lake Superior Conference


Superior High School received more than a dozen honors for the Lake Superior Conference all-conference teams.

The Spartan softball team had five players earning all-conference recognition, while the boys tennis team and boys golf team had one apiece. Seniors Brandie Goldberg and Erika Olson and sophomore Madysen Stariha all earned first-team softball honors, while senior Lanie DeMeyer and junior Erin Thompson earned second team honors.

Sophomore Taylor Burger made the second team as Superior’s lone representative in boys golf, and junior Minjune Jang was named all-conference in singles for boys tennis.

In track and field, Superior earned all-conference standing in nine events.

For the girls, Daisy White was honored in both the shot put and discus throw, and Marcia Mogensen was honored in the 300-meter hurdles.

The Spartan boys received all-conference recognition for five individual events and the 4x200 relay. Individual selections were Steve Pearson (100-meter dash), Matthew Beurger (200), Gunnar Gronski (300 hurdles), Sam Kline (high jump) and Nicholas Ferrando (long jump).


Lake Superior Conference


All-Conference Softball Team

First Team - Jordyn Thomas, Sr., Hermantown; Kailey Mihalik, Sr., Hermantown; Brandie Goldberg, Sr., Superior; Gianna Torres, So., Denfeld; Erika Olson, Sr., Superior; Kiana Bender, Fr., Cloquet; Madysen Stariha, So., Superior; Erin Hawk, So., Proctor; Hannah Mihalik, So., Hermantown.

Second Team - Taylor Vold, Jr., Hermanatown; Katelyn Ewer, So., Hermantown; Ashley Hanson, So., Proctor; Erin Thompson, Jr., Superior; Lanie DeMeyer, Sr., Superior; Destiny Spaulding, Jr., Denfeld; Bella Larson, So., Denfeld; Allie Wojtysiak, So., Cloquet; Ashlyn Cummins, Sr., Marshall School.

Honorable Mention - Sarah Urban, Proctor; Chole Oakland, Proctor; Shelby Johnson, Denfeld; Kayla Nelson, Denfeld; Breanna Livingston, Ashland; Tayler Trubachik, Ashland.

– – –

All-Conference Boy Tennis Team

Singles - Peter Tomhave, So., Cloquet; Porter Beilfuss, Jr., Ashland; Minjune Jang, Jr., Superior; George Grannis, Jr., Marshall School.

Doubles - Harlie Olden, Sr., and Luke Hyleck, Sr., Hermantown; Jared Tollas, So., and Augustin Rasmussen, So., Ashland; Will Hanson, Jr., and Devin Wilson, Jr., Marshall School.


– – –

All-Conference Boys Golf Team

First Team - Gavin Douglas, Jr., Ashland; Jon Harstad, Sr., Duluth Denfeld; Matt Rodovich, Jr., Cloquet; Sam Barker, gr. 8, Cloquet; Dylan Kolquist, Sr., Hermantown; Derek O’Brien, Sr., Hermantown.

Second Team - Scott Gregor, So., Ashland; Keagan Poppenberg, So., Cloquet; Steve Kragseth, Fr., Hermantown; Austin Danelski, Jr., Hermantown; Joe Liberty, Sr., Duluth Marshall; Taylor Burger, So., Superior.

– – –

All-Conference Track & Field Teams


100 - Jack Burt, Jr., Duluth Marshall; Steve Pearson, So., Superior


200 - Burt, Jr., Duluth Marshall; Matthew Buerger, Jr., Superior

400 - Burt, Jr., Duluth Marshall; TJ Gamradt, Sr., Hermantown

800 - Conner Denman, Sr., Cloquet; Maury Miller, Jr., Ashland

1,600 - Walker Miller, Jr., Ashland; M. Miller, Jr., Ashland

3,200 - W. Miller, Jr., Ashland; Isaac Boedigheimer, Sr., Cloquet

100 hurdles - David Cornelius, So., Hermantown; Justice Koepp, Sr., Proctor

300 hurdles - Gunnar Gronski, Jr., Superior; Cody Fernandez, Sr., Proctor

High jump - Sam Kline, Sr., Superior; Cornelius, So., Hermantown


Pole vault - Eli Benson, So., Cloquet; Ian Pufall, Sr., Ashland

Long jump - Nicholas Ferrando, Sr., Superior; Alex Leuzzo, So., Cloquet

Triple jump - Leuzzo, So. Cloquet; Dakota Ellis-Ciacco, Sr., Proctor

Shot put - Evan Erickson, Sr., Cloquet; Dakota Craig, Sr., Ashland

Discus - Erickson, Sr., Cloquet; Dylan Lauer, Jr., Cloquet

400 relay - Proctor (Brett Bower, So., Jeff Leone, Sr., Fernandez, Sr., Ellis-Ciacco, Sr.)

800 relay - Superior (Chase Elder, Sr., Robin Preston, Jr., Steven Pearson, So., Buerger, Jr.)

1,600 relay - Hermantown (Dawson Prisk, Sr., Mason Thedens, Jr., David Birkeland, Jr., Gamradt, Sr.,)


3,200 - Birkeland, Jr., Prisk, Sr., Mark Monte, Jr., Mason Thedens, Jr.)


100 - Kendra Kelley, So., Cloquet; Samantha Mark, So., Duluth Marshall

200 - Kendra Kelley, So., Cloquet; Katelyn Kelley, Gr. 8, Cloquet

400 - Kendra Kelley, So., Cloquet; Ariel Carlson, So., Proctor

800 - Aneesa Tucker, Sr., Proctor; Brita Birkeland, Fr., Hermantown

1,600 - Ashlee Siegle, So., Duluth Marshall; Lauren Cawcutt, Gr. 8, Cloquet

3,200 - Amy Wallis, Sr., Ashland; Cawcutt, Gr. 8, Cloquet

100 hurdles - Kelly Lorenz, So., Cloquet; Annika Culver, Sr., Proctor

300 hurdles - Lorenz, So., Cloquet; Marcia Mogensen, So., Superior

High jump - Ellie Gamradt, Jr., Hermantown; Camrynn Slattengren, Gr. 8, Hermantown

Pole vault - Bailey Nuutinen, So., Ashland; Payton Schneberger, So., Cloquet

Long jump - Kendra Kelley, So., Cloquet; Annika Culver, Sr., Proctor

Triple jump - Tucker, Sr., Ashland; Ellie Gamradt, Jr., Hermantown

Shot put - Daisy White, Sr., Superior; Makayla Suominen, So., Cloquet

Discus - White, Sr., Superior; Suominen, So., Cloquet

400 relay - Hermantown (Kiersten Olson, Sr., Gamradt, Jr., Erin Wester, Fr., Alexys Lewis, Jr.)

800 relay - Cloquet (Dana Jones, gr. 7; Elizabeth Couture, Sr., Sydney Wick, Fr., Katelyn Kelley, gr. 8)

1,600 relay - Hermantown (Olson, Sr., Macis Sisson, So., Amanda Robbins, Sr., Birkeland, Fr.)

3,200 relay - Hermantown (Maiah Christianson, Gr. 8; Sisson, So., Robbins, Sr., Birkeland, Fr.)


Heart O’ North

Six members of the Northwestern High School baseball team and four members of the softball team were recently named Heart O’ North All-Conference.

The Tiger baseball team placed two pitchers - senior Sam Martinson and junior Anthony Lupa - on the first team along with senior outfielder Drew Stribley. Making the second team were senior catcher Carter Spangenberg and senior infielder Tanner Klobucher. Freshman infielder Jake Brill was named honorable mention. He was the only freshman in the conference to receive recognition this year.

All four softball players named all-conference for Northwestern were seniors.

Catcher Laryssa Vik and pitcher/infielder Cassidy Friend earned first-team honors, while infielder Brooklyn Oswskey and outfielder Rose Tokar earned second-team honors.


Heart O’ North

2017 All-Conference Softball

1st Team

Aliya Seibel, Bloomer, Sr., pitcher

Laryssa Vik, Northwestern, Sr., catcher

Sidney Kostner, Bloomer, Jr., infield

Kenadi Poirier, Bloomer, So., infield

Makayla Anderson, Cumberland, Jr., infield

Cassidy Friend, Northwestern, Sr., infield

Kathryn Freagon, Bloomer, Sr., outfield

Chandler Zwiefelhofer, Bloomer, Sr., outfield

Adreanna Johnson, Cumberland, Jr., outfield

2nd Team

Lauren Green, Cumberland, So., pitcher

Audi Blonk, Spooner, Sr., pitcher

Rilee Luzinski, Bloomer, So., catcher

Danielle DeWitt, Spooner, Sr., catcher

Dana Hilbert, Barron, Sr., infield

Payton Nyhus, Cumberland, Fr., infield

Brooklyn Oswskey, Northwestern, Sr., infield

Kennedy Antczak, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser, Jr., outfield

Rose Tokar, Northwestern, Sr., outfield

Kayla Boutwell, Spooner, Sr., outfield

Sophia Del Fiacco, Spooner, Sr., outfield

Honorable Mention

Lexie Burroughs, Ladysmith, Sr., catcher

Izzy Jenneman, Bloomer, So., infield

Ellie Rieper, Cumberland, Fr., infield

Kezleigh Vacho, Ladysmith, So., infield

Elizabeth Walker, Spooner, Sr., infield


Player of the Year:

Aliya Seibel, Bloomer, Sr., pitcher


Heart O’ North

2017 All-Conference Baseball

1st Team

Brady Christianson, Hayward, Jr., pitcher

Anthony Lupa, Northwestern, Jr., pitcher

Sam Martinson, Northwestern, Sr., pitcher

Jerad Lindfors, Cumberland, Jr., catcher

Zach Ruf, Bloomer, So., infield

Kobe Berghammer, Cumberland, Jr., infield

Marshall Kennell, Hayward, Sr., infield

Riley Herbes, Ladysmith, Sr., infield

Payton Rose, Cumberland, Sr., outfield

Xavier Cummings, Hayward, Sr., outfield

Drew Stribley, Northwestern, Sr., outfield

2nd Team

Isaac Bucher, Cumberland, Sr., pitcher

Mark Nauertz, Spooner, Sr., pitcher

Carter Spangenberg, Northwestern, Sr., catcher

Scott Lindenberger, Spooner, Sr., catcher

Jackson Massie, Barron, Jr., infield

Andrew Loy, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser, Jr., infield

Tyler Landsworth, Cumberland, Sr., infield

Dustin Lancour, Hayward, Sr., infield

Tanner Klobucher, Northwestern, Sr., infield

Max Narges, Cumberland, Jr., outfield

Reid Olson, Cumberland, So., utility

Honorable Mention

Brandon Faschingbauer, Bloomer, Sr., pitcher

John Barr, Bloomer, Sr., pitcher

Caden Dupee, Ladysmith, So., catcher

Willie Zawistowski, Hayward, Sr., infield

Nathan Roach, Ladysmith, Jr., infield

Jake Brill, Northwestern, Fr., infield

Trevor Buse, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser, Sr., outfield

Jared Dieckman, Ladysmith, Jr., outfield

Gavin Hochstetler, Spooner, Sr., outfield

Austin Summerfield, Bloomer, Sr., utility


Players of the Year:

Brady Christianson, Hayward, Jr., pitcher

Kobe Berghammer, Cumberland, Jr., infield



A pair of sophomores earned postseason recognition this year for the Northwood Evergreens.

Jayden Barrett was named to the East Lakeland All-Conference softball team, while Hunter Frahm was named to the East Lakeland All-Conference baseball team.

Among baseball teams, Clear Lake led with six all-conference selections. Flambeau led softball with five athletes chosen, followed by Bruce with four.


East Lakeland

2017 All-Conference Softball Team

Karlie Antczak, Bruce, Sr.

Jayden Barrett, Northwood, So.

Erin Crowell, Lake Holcombe/Cornell, Fr.

Kara Graves, Bruce, Sr.

Mikki Greisen, Birchwood, Jr.

Sadie Groothousen, Flambeau, Jr.

Gabrielle Harris, Prairie Farm, Jr.

Annesa Loew, Birchwood, Sr.

Jordan Ludescher, Flambeau, Jr.

Britney Mateski, Flambeau, So.

Megan McCuen, Prairie Farm, Sr.

Taylor Moore, Flambeau, Jr.

Kellie Morgan, Bruce, Sr.

Megan Prorok, Bruce, Sr.

Julianna Rosen, Clear Lake, Fr.

Mckenna Slagel, Prairie Farm, Sr.

Kaysha Vinzant, Clear Lake, Sr.

Taylor Widiker, Birchwood, So.

Amanda Zimmer, Flambeau, Jr.

Megan Zimmer, Clear Lake, So.


East Lakeland

2017 All-Conference Baseball Team

Austin Anderson, Clear Lake, Jr.

Daymond Bad Horse, Clear Lake, Jr.

Bailey Blanchard, Clear Lake, So.

Peyton Bowe, Cornell/Lake Holcombe, Sr.

Kevin Brockman, Bruce, So.

Tanner Clark, Cornell/Lake Holcombe, Sr.

Remington Davison, Cameron, Sr.

Brody Fischer, Winter, Sr.

Hunter Frahm, Northwood, So.

Tyler Glaser, Prairie Farm, So.

Chase Hansen, Prairie Farm, Jr.

Hunter Levy, Clear Lake, Jr.

Ethan Martin, Flambeau, So.

Jarek Nelson, Prairie Farm, So.

Cal Rosen, Clear Lake, Jr.

Nick Sempf, Clear Lake, Jr.

Jordan Siebert, Prairie Farm, Sr.

Noah Wieczorek, Clear Lake, Jr.

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