Grand Rapids finished in first place in the 36th annual Spartan Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 5, in the Superior High School gym.

The Thunderhawks finished with 267.5 points, while the Northwestern Tigers finished second with 223.5 points. The host Spartans finished 10th with 92 points.

“We had a nice day,” SHS coach Bob Coleman said. “We had wrestlers beat wrestlers they lost to earlier in the season and that was nice to see.

“This was one of the toughest Spartan Classics we have had for a while. Northwestern was the divisional champs at Northern Badger (River Falls) and then put Grand Rapids in the mix and all of a sudden it is a very tough tournament.”

Superior was led by Caden Stone’s second-place finish at 152 pounds. Wyatt Johnson also finished in fourth place at 106 pounds.

After receiving a bye, Stone pinned Ladysmith’s Ryan Vollendorf, defeated Virginia’s Tommy Carmody and lost to Grand Rapids’ Kellen Schauer.

The Tigers had two winners. Markus Brown improved to 21-0 on the season while winning at 113 pounds, and Zach Pooler pinned three of his five opponents while winning at 145 pounds.

Also for Northwestern, Logan Trautt (106) and Trent Orloski (285) finished in second place, and Braden Trautt (126), Isaac Nichols (182) and Isaiah Huray (220) finished third.

“It also was a great day for the Spartan Wrestling Booster Club,” Coleman said. “We had so much help that worked hard to make this tournament a class act. I want to thank everyone for their help to make the classic happen. Ray Kosey and the school district did a nice job organizing this great event. It’s a pleasure to be a part of the team.”

Up next for the Spartans is the Ashland Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 12.


Ashland 54, Superior 27

Superior tuned up for the Spartan Classic with a 54-27 loss to the Oredockers Thursday, Jan. 3, in Ashland.

The Spartans had five wins, including a pin by Stone (152 pounds), who improved to 20-2 on the season.

Brahden Long returned to action with a pin at 285, and the Johnson brothers, Wyatt (113) and Tucker (120), won by pins.

Patrick Kerr was placed in the varsity lineup and picked up Superior’s fifth win with a 7-6 decision over Eli Schue at 160 pounds.

In JV action, Luke Pearsons and Darrin Lowney won by pin.


36th annual Spartan Classic

Grand Rapids, 267.5; Northwestern, 223.5; Ashland, 177.5; Cloquet-Esko, 164; Ladysmith, 145; Eau Claire Memorial, 143; Shell Lake, 138.5; Virginia Area, 127; Chequamegon, 98.5; Superior, 92; Proctor, 49; Bayfield, 0.

Superior’s Results

106 - Wyatt Johnson, fourth place: Neven Peterson (ECM), 5-4; pinned Dylan Marciulonius (CE), 0:47; def. Wyatt Dimich (A), 10-6; pinned Logan Trautt (NW), 2:51; lost to Philip Keenan (GR), 8-7.

113 - Tucker Johnson, eight place: pinned by Derick Vollendorf (L), 3:12; pinned Cody Steinmetz (ECM), 1:30; pinned by Markus Brown (NW), 3:22; lost to Nolan Campbell (V), 7-0; lost MD to Alex Peterson, 16-2.

126 - Henry Huber, sixth place: pinned by Jaden Schienebeck (Cheq.), 1:53); pinned Nick Leary (CM), 4:43; pinned by Trent Vollendorf (L), 1:30; pinned Benjamin Coen (SL), 1:15; lost to Tim Jobe (GR), 8-3.

138 - Landon Lathrop, eighth place: pinned by Henry Ringdahl (PH), 1:44; pinned by Tyler Harms-Synkiew, 4:25; pinned Zade Bennett (V), 2:55; lost to Corey Hagstrom (A), 10-3; pinned by William Graf (Cheq.), 3:39.

145 - Jackson  Karren, eighth place: pinned by Ethan Schermitzler (ECM), 1:41); pinned Seth Sennett (L), 1:33; pinned by Zach Pooler (NW), 2:26; pinned by Isaak Livingston (A), 2:18; pinned by Jacob Burress (V), 1:51.

152 - Caden  Stone, second place: received a bye; pinned Ryan Vollendorf (L),1:00; pinned Brady Guibord (ECM), 1:15; def. Tommy Carmody (V), 11-6; lost to Kellen Schauer (GR), TF 17-2.

170 - Brady Herbst, sixth place: lost to Carter Crandall (V), 6-1; lost to Reese Sheldon (CE), MD 9-1; pinned Beau Mullins (Cheq.), 2:57; def. Kevin Lundberg (GR), injury; lost to Alex Smith (NW), 3-1.

182 - Hudson Ojeda, eighth place: pinned by Isaac Nichols (NW), 1:42; received a bye; pinned by Justin Miller (A), 0:47; lost to Teddy Olivanti (V), injury; lost to Parker Nelson (GR), injury.

195 - Lars Root, ninth place: pinned by Brennan Corbine (A), 2:00; pinned by Jace Wiggins (A), 1:51; pinned by Hendrick Boese (ECM), 1:17; pinned by Josh Jenness (L), 0:54; pinned Michael Allar (SL), 2:33.

220 - Nathan Young, sixth place: pinned by Ethan Mitra (ECM), 2:33; pinned by Anthony Hall (V), 1:20; received a bye; won by forfeit over Vinny Bender (A); pinned by Jake Gilhousens (GR), 1:15.

285 - Brahden Long, DNP: received a bye; pinned by Trent Orlowski (NW), 1:46; pinned Gage Stankiewicz (Cl.), 3:03; pinned Ziek Riendeau (GR), 1:41; lost to Sam Pickett (ECM), 5-0.

Northwestern’s Results

106 - Logan Trautt (16-7), second place: pinned Dylan Marciulonius (CE), 4:37; pinned Wyatt Dimich (A), 1:20; def. Neven Peterson (ECM), MD 16-5; pinned by Wyatt Johnson (Sup.), 2:51; lost to Zak McPhee (P), 9-3.

113 - Markus Brown (21-0), first place: won by tech fall over Cody Steinmetz (ECM), 20-5; pinned Nolan Campbell (V), 3:15; pinned Tucker Johnson (Sup.), 3:22; won MD over Derick Vollendorf (L), 11-2; def. Connor Wakefield (GR), 8-4.

120 - Camren Benesch, sixth place: received a bye; pinned by Cody Swan (SL), 3:20; pinned by Ian Johnson (ECM), 5:12; pinned Tyler Dicus (L), 3:37; pinned by John Miller (Cheq.), 3:48.

126 - Braden Trautt (16-6), third place: pinned Tim Jobe (GR), 1:52; pinned Erik Sundquist (V), 2:21; pinned Deeken Fjeld (CE), 2:41; lost MD to Jarod Stricker (A), 12-0; def. Jaden Schienebeck (Cheq.), 4-3.

132 - Tjay Ziebarth (12-6), fourth place: pinned Steven Niece (V), 1:30; pinned Cade Hanson (SL), 0:51; won MD over Owen Miesbauer (Cheq.), 15-6; lost to Jordan Allen (CE), 11-4; lost to DJ Livingston (L), 12-6.

145 - Zach Pooler (17-5), first place: pinned Seth Sennett (L), 1:33; pinned Isaak Livingston (A), 5:19; def. Jackson Karren (Sup.), 2:26; pinned Ethan Schermitzler (ECM), 1:24; def. Griffin Fjeld (CE), 7-2.

170 - Alex Smith (9-6), fifth place: pinned Kyle Nelson (L), 1:11; received a bye; lost MD to Aaron Diamond (A), 11-3; pinned by Blake Flach (SL), 1:29; def. Brady Herbst (Sup.), 3-1.

182 - Isaac Nichols, third place: pinned Hudson Ojeda (Sup.), 1:42; received a bye; won MD over Teddy Olivanti (V), 11-2; pinned by Justin Miller (A), 0:39; won MD over Evan Sirianni (ECM), 11-2.

195 - Shane Schiff (8-7), sixth place -- pinned Gramm Neumeyer (CE), 0:46; pinned by Max Brunner (Cheq.), 1:12; pinned Michael Allar (SL), 2:13; pinned by Jasper Lindqvist (GR), 4:28; pinned by Josh Jenness (L), 1:05.

220 - Isaiah Huray (8-7), third place: lost to Justin Weiss (A), 3-2; pinned Jake Gilhousens (GR), 5:24; received a bye; received a bye; pinned Ethan Mitra (ECM), 1:43.

285 - Trent Orlowski (14-9), second place: pinned Brahden Long (Sup.), 1:46: pinned Ziek Riendeau (GR), 4:43; received a bye; pinned Gage Stankiewicz (CE), 1:20; pinned by Wade Stanger (L), 2:37.

Ashland 54, Superior 27

132 pounds - Austin  Defoe, A, pinned Joseph Lehto; 138 - Corey Hagstrom, A, pinned Landon Lathrop; 145 - Isaak Livingston, A, pinned Jackson Karren; 152 - Caden Stone, SHS, pinned Willy Bearskin; 160 - Patrick Kerr, SHS, dec. Eli Schue, 7-6; 170 - Aaron Diamond, A, pinned Brady Herbst; 182 - Justin Miller, A, pinned Hudson Ojeda; 195 - Brennan Corbine, A, won by forfeit; 220 - Justin Weiss, A, pinned Nathan Young; 285 - Brahden Long, SHS, pinned Preston Deloney; 106 - Wyatt Dimich, A, won by forfeit; 113 - Wyatt Johnson, SHS, pinned Anna Danielson; 120 - Tucker Johnson, SHS, pinned Logan Kemetz; 126 - Jarod Stricker, A, pinned Henry Huber.