Nick Gima

For The Telegram


Aaron Lillo and Johnny Broking each led their respective features flag-to-flag and earned invitations to compete in the Afco Shocks Race of Champions during the WISSOTA 100 weekend as a result of their wins at the Gondik Law Speedway on Friday night.

Also winning Race of Champions berths were Dave Mass and Skeeter Estey, while Jeremy Cash captured his first career feature win at the big Superior oval.

Despite a small car count (70), the action was fast and -- in the case of three of the features and most of the heats -- non-stop on the next-to-last night of the 2018 season under cool, cloudy conditions.

The final night of the regular season will be Friday, Aug. 24, with trike races involving several of the drivers added as part of the intermission entertainment.

All five regular weekly divisions will be in action, and the 2018 track champions will be crowned. Hot laps are at 6:30 p.m., and the first heat race of the night takes the green flag at 7 p.m.

The 30th annual Northern Nationals are set for Sept. 6-8.


Gondik Law Speedway

Friday, Aug. 17

RoC Qualifier Results

WISSOTA Late Models

Feature: 1. Aaron Lillo; 2. Travis Budisalovich; 3. Kyle Peterlin; 4. Tim McMann; 5. John Toppozini; 6. Terry Lillo; 7. Dave Flynn; 8. Derek Vesel; 9. Kevin Carlson; 10. Robbie Cooper; 11. Dave Esse; 12. Chris Lillo.

Heat 1: T. Lillo; Toppozini; McMann; A. Lillo; Vesel; Esse.

Heat 2: Budisalovich; Carlson; Peterlin; Flynn; C. Lillo; Cooper.

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: 1. Johnny Broking; 2. Jody Bellefeuille; 3. Todd Gehl; 4. Rick Rivord; 5. Al Uotinen; 6. Danny Vang; 7. Kelly Estey; 8. Neil Balduc; 9. Cody Carlson; 10. Donnie Lofdahl; 11. Marcus Simonson.

Heat 1: Estey; Balduc; Vang; Carlson; Bellefeuille; Lofdahl.

Heat 2: Broking; Rivord; Uotinen; Gehl; Simonson.

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: 1. Dave Mass; 2. DJ Keeler; 3. Kurt Becken; 4. Dave Flynn; 5. Mike Bellefeuille; 6. Andy Grymala; 7. Nick Oreskovich; 8. Kevin Burdick; 9. Jim Campbell; 10. Scott Lawrence; 11. Marcus Simonson; 12. Keith Kern; 13. Rita Anderson; 14. Matt Hammitt; 15. Jon Hammitt; 16. Bob Galovich; 17. Matt Deragon; 18. Jason Schill; 19. Annika Hammitt.

Heat 1: Mass; Burdick; Bellefeuille; Grymala; Schill; Kern; Galovich; Anderson; A. Hammitt; J Hammitt.

Heat 2: Simonson; Keeler; Becken; Lawrence; Oreskovich; Flynn; Campbell Deragon; M Hammitt.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. Skeeter Estey; 2. Ryan Savoy; 3. Dan Kinglsey; 4. Andrew Inman; 5. Brandon Copp; 6. Deven Van House; 7. Craig Lofdahl; 8. Shane Howell; 9. Jimmy Latvala; 10. Jeff Nelson; 11. George Dalbeck; 12. Tanner Williamson; 13. Carey LePage; 14. Jeff Forseen; 15. Dalton Mains; 16. Justin Bassa; 17. Jack Rivord.

Heat 1: Estey; Nelson; Rivord; Savoy; Bassa; Inman; Williamson; Mains; Van House.

Heat 2: Copp; Kingsley; Lofdahl; Latvala; Dalbeck; Forseen; LePage; McLean Andrews; Howell.

WISSOTA Pure Stocks

Feature: 1. Jeremy Cash; 2. Kyle Copp; 3. Cory Jorgensen; 4. Aaron Bernick; 5. Dylan Shelton; 6. James Vendela; 7. Trevor Treviranus; 8. Darrin Lowney; 9. Richard Dzelak Jr.; 10. Shaina Rapp.

Heat 1: Copp; Bernick; Vendela; Jorgensen; Lowney.

Heat 2: Cash; Dzelak; Rapp; Treviranus; Shelton.