Nick Gima

For The Telegram


Superior’s Willie Johnsen Jr. and George Dalbeck of Wakefield, Mich., ended up on Gondik Law Speedway’s victory stage Friday night after long dry spells, as Kivi Brothers Trucking presented the track’s “Meet the Drivers” night program.

Hot, muggy weather didn’t keep the crowd, or the cars away, as 89 racers parked their rides on the front straight to welcome the large number of fans who visited on the track collecting souvenir photos, autographs and treats from their heroes.

Johnsen admitted to the fans from the stage after his WISSOTA Super Stock feature that he almost didn’t show up to race.

“I’m not really into racing lately,” Johnsen said. “But starting from the pole with a lightning-fast race car just might be the cure for that.”

He's back into it now and glad he showed up after taking the checkered flag in a race he led at one time by 12-car-lengths.

Also finding his way back to victory lane after some time away was Dalbeck, who led the entire 20 laps of the Midwest Modifieds feature race.

Other feature winners included Travis Budisalovich of Minneapolis in Late Models, Jody Bellefeuille in Modifieds and Kyle Copp of Brule in Pure Stocks.

The Superior track will host its Afco Shocks Race of Champions qualifying features for the Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks and Midwest Mods on Friday, Aug. 17. Pure Stocks will also be in action.

Hot laps are at 6:30 p.m., and the first heat race takes the green flag at 7 p.m.

Also on tap will be kids’ “big wheel” races. Entrants can register this week on the Speedway’s Facebook page.

The final night of the regular season will be on Aug. 24 and the 30th annual Northern Nationals are set for Sept. 6-8.


Gondik Law Speedway

Friday, Aug. 10

WISSOTA Late Models

Feature: 1. Travis Budisalovich; 2. Jeff Massingill; 3. Kevin Carlson; 4. Terry Lillo; 5. Aaron Lillo; 6. Par Doar; 7. Darrell Nelson; 8. Tim McMann; 9. Kyle Peterlin;10. Dave Flynn; 11. John Toppozini; 12. Dave Esse; 13. Chris Lillo; 14. Robbie Cooper.

Heat 1: Nelson; Cooper; Toppozini; Carlson; T. Lillo; Peterlin; C. Lillo.

Heat 2: Doar; McMann; Budisalovich; A. Lillo; Massingill; Flynn; Esse.

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: 1. Jody Bellefeuille; 2. Steve Stuart; 3. Kelly Estey; 4. Kevin Eder; 5. Bob Broking; 6. Darrell Nelson; 7. Al Uotinen; 8. Cody Carlson; 9. Johnny Broking; 10. Todd Gehl; 11. Neil Balduc; 12. Rick Rivord; 13. Cody Wolkowski; 14. Pat Cook; 15. Dave Cain; 16. Ryan Garson; 17. Danny Vang.

Heat 1: B. Broking; J. Broking; Uotinen; Estey; Nelson; Bellefeuille; Carlson; Rivord; Cook.

Heat 2: Eder; Balduc; Cain; Stuart; Wolkowski; Gehl; Garson; Vang.

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: 1. Willie Johnsen Jr.; 2. Kevin Burdick; 3. Dave Flynn; 4. Scott Lawrence; 5. Andy Grymala; 6. DJ Keeler; 7. Jim Campbell; 8. Matt Deragon; 9. Nick Oreskovich; 10. Doug Koski; 11. Rita Anderson; 12. Jon Hammitt; 13. Mike Bellefeuille; 14. .Annika Hammitt.

Heat 1: Lawrence; Burdick; Keeler; Deragon; J. Hammitt; A. Hammitt; Eder; Matt Hammitt.

Heat 2: Flynn; Oreskovich; Grymala; Johnsen; Bellefeuille; Campbell; Koski; Anderson.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. George Dalbeck; 2. Skeeter Estey; 3. Deven Van House; 4. Dan Kinglsey; 5. Andrew Inman; 6. Brandon Copp; 7. Ryan Savoy; 8. Shane Howell; 9. Jeff Forseen; 10. Justin Bassa; 11. Jack Rivord; 12. Craig Lofdahl; 13. Tanner Williamson; 14. Colin Chaschuk; 15. Nick Ziegler; 16. David Simpson; 17. Don Craig; 18. Billy Milne; 19. Dave Kivi; 20. Mack Estey; 21. McLean Andrews; 22. Cole Chernosky; 23. Nick DaRonco; 24. Wyatt Boyum.

Heat 1: S. Estey; Inman; Andrews; Chernosky; Lofdahl; Kivi; Dave DeVente; Gunner Peterson.

Heat 2: Kingsley; Rivord; Craig; M. Estey; DaRonco; Williamson; Boyum.

Heat 3: Simpson; Dalbeck; Forseen; Ziegler; Howell; Jimmy Latvala; Dalton Mains.

Heat 4: Copp; Van House; Bassa; Savoy; Milne; Darren Berhauer; Chaschuk.

Semi-Feature: Boyum; Kivi; Williamson; Chaschuk; DeVente; Bernauer.

WISSOTA Pure Stocks

Feature: 1. Kyle Copp; 2. James Vendela; 3. Dylan Shelton; 4. Jeremy Cash; 5. Shaina Rapp; 6. Travis Zembo; 7. Josh Miller; 8. Cory Jorgensen; 9. Jason Simonson; 10. Darrin Lowney; 11. Aaron Bernick; 12. Jared Akervik; 13. Trevor Treviranus.

Heat 1: Copp; Shelton; Vendela; Zembo; Miller; Simonson; Lowney.

Heat 2: Jorgensen; Bernick; Cash; Akervik; Treviranus; Rapp.