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Duluth sweeps Superior in bowling challenge

Pat Erickson

It was a clean sweep for Duluth at the 44th annual men’s All-Star Bowling Challenge held Saturday at Incline Station in Duluth.

The even pitted the top bowlers from Duluth and Superior in three divisions — all-stars, senior all-stars and super senior all-stars — and the home team won all three matches.

Mike Bellefeuille led the Duluth all-stars to a 3,409-3,381 victory over Superior by rolling a three-game total of 729. Superior was led by Pat Erickson, who rolled a 300 as part of a 722 series.

The Duluth seniors beat Superior 3,251-3,052 thanks to a 756 series by Steve Freeman. The Duluth super seniors, led by Ron Laliberte’s 721 series, edged Superior 2,437-2,297.

Duluth now leads the All-Star all-time series 25-19 and the Super Senior all-time series 2-0, while Superior leads the Senior all-time series 9-8.