Nine members of the Northwestern High School football team, and one member of the Tigers’ volleyball team, were named Heart O’ North All-Conference in their respective sports.

In football, seniors Tyler Ronning and Gervese Thompson IV, along with junior Nate Ohman were honored twice.

Ronning is first-team on the offensive and defensive lines; Thompson is a first-team linebacker and second-team offensive lineman; and Ohman is a second-team center and defensive lineman.

Other Tigers honored were: junior Reagan Ruffi, first-team running back; senior Andrew Hanson, first-team linebacker; sophomore Isaac Nichols, first-team kicker; junior Carson Holsclaw, second-team defensive lineman; junior Alex Isaakson, second-team linebacker; and senior Kade Bartelt, second-team cornerback/safety.

The HON Offensive Player of the Year is Cumberland senior Koby Berghammer and the defensive player of the year is Chetek-Weyerhaeuser junior Bronson Schofield.

In volleyball, Northwesterns senior Meggan Lind was named to the second team as a setter.


2017 Heart O’ North Conference

All-Conference Football Team

First Team  Offense

Ends/Flankers - Max Narges, Cumberland Sr.; Reid Olson, Cumberland, Jr.

Offensive Linemen - Payton Dachel, Bloomer, Sr.; Hunter Hall, Bloomer, Sr.; Nolan Keller, Hayward, Sr.; Tyler Ronning, NW, Sr.

Center - Karsen Green C-W Sr.

Quarterback - Kobe Berghammer, Cumberland, Sr.; Jared Dieckman, Ladysmith, Sr.

Running Backs - Daniel Chuchwar, C-W, Sr.; Riley Donaghue, Hayward, Sr.; Reagan Ruffi, NW, Jr.

Utility - Andrew Loy, C-W, Sr.

First Team Defense

Defensive Lineman - Payton Dachel, Bloomer, Sr.; Bradley Sarauer, Bloomer, Jr.; Karsen Green, C-W, Sr.; Ronning, NW, Sr.

Linebackers - Daniel Chuchwar, C-W, Sr.; Josh Hanson, C-W, Sr.; Bronson Schofield, C-W, Jr.; Andrew Hanson, NW, Sr.; Gervese Thompson IV, NW, Jr.

Corners/Safeties - Caleb Ruf, Bloomer, Jr.; Zach Ruf Bloomer Jr.; Alex Kaminski C-W Sr.; Kobe Berghammer Cumberland Sr.


Kicker - Isaac Nichols, NW, So.

Players of the Year

Offense - Kobe Berghammer, Cumberland, Sr.

Defense - Bronson Schofield, C-W, Jr.

Second Team Offense

Ends/Flankers - Michael Davidson, Barron, Sr.; Alex Kaminski, C-W, Sr.; Nathan Roach, Ladysmith, Sr.

Offensive Linemen - Braxton Seemann, Barron, Sr.; Jayson Thompson, Bloomer, Jr.; Jacob Konvicka, C-W, Jr.; Thompson IV, Northwestern, Jr.

Center - Nate Ohman, NW, Jr.

Running Backs - Philip Jorsted, Bloomer, Sr.; Ryan Lauterbach, Spooner, Sr.; Chase Melton, Spooner, Jr.

Second Team Defense

Defensive Lineman - Loren Stolt, Bloomer, Jr.; Ronny Snider, Hayward, Sr.; Nate Ohman, NW, Jr.; Carson Holsclaw, NW, Jr.

Linebackers - Adam Malinowski, Bloomer Sr.; Reid Olson, Cumberland, Jr.; Zach Gibbs, Ladysmith, Sr.; Alex Isaakson, NW, Jr.; Josh Melton, Spooner, Sr.

Corners/Safeties - Warren Williams, Barron, Jr.; Andrew Loy, C-W, Sr.; Logan Solheim, Hayward, Sr.; Kade Bartelt, NW, Sr.


2017 Heart O’ North Conference

All-Conference Volleyball Team

First Team

Kylie Amundson, Sr., Barron, outside hitter; Rylee Hanson, Sr., Barron, Libero; Sidney Kostner, Sr., Bloomer, Setter; Kendall Zeman, Sr., Bloomer, L; Izzy West, Jr., Cumb., S; Trinity Myer, Sr., Hay., OH; Megan Effertz, Sr., Ladysmith, OH.

Second Team

Emily Linsmeyer, Jr., Barron, OH; Lydia Miller, Jr., Barron, middle hitter; Justyne Burgess, Sr., Bloomer, middle blocker; Grace Post, Bloomer, OH, Jr.; Shaina Zwiefelhofer, Sr., Bloomer, OH; Ania Hyatt, So., Cumb., MH; Meggan Lind, Sr., Northwestern, S.

Honorable Mention

Amia Fornell, Jr., Barron, MH; Julia Wirth, So., Barron, S; Jessica Barr, Bloomer, MH; Morgan Davis, Sr., CW, MB; Hannah Delzer, Sr., Cumb. OH; Adreanna Johnson, Sr., Cumb., MH; Madelyn Neff, Sr., Hay., MH; Delaney Herbes, Jr., Lady., OH.


2017 HON Conference Sportsmanship Awards

Girls golf - 1. Barron; 2. Cumberland; 3. (tie) Chetek-Weyerhaeuser and Ladysmith.

Girls CC - 1. Chetek- Weyerhaeuser, 2. Bloomer; 3. Cumberland.

Boys CC - 1. (tie) Bloomer, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser, Cumberland.

Volleyball - 1. Ladysmith; 2. Cumberland; 3. Barron.

Football - 1. Spooner; 2. Chetek-Weyerhaeuser; 3. Barron.