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Are you grossed out by your stanky garbage bin? This local business has a cure
Fri Jul 29 10:30:00 EDT 2022
Bee Fresh Bin Sanitation officially kicked off on May 31, the last day of school. Since then, the fluorescent yellow-and-black trailer can be spotted buzzing around the metro area to rinse, power-wash, disinfect and deodorize garbage receptacles around the F-M area.

Keith Urlacher of Bee Fresh joins host Thomas Evanella to talk about the dirty business of bin cleaning.

How small town North Dakota woman Dot Henke turned her pretzel recipe into a billion dollar business...and why she sold
Fri Jul 22 16:28:35 EDT 2022
Dot Henke was a small town woman living in Velva, North Dakota. A farm girl from the start, Henke knew some things about hard work. Find out how this notoriously low-key, media-shy, down-to-earth Midwestern woman turned her pretzel recipe into a mind-blowing business deal that ended in a $1.2 billion sale. 

Affordable child care isn't just good for families. It's good for business, too
Sat Jul 16 06:30:00 EDT 2022
Affordable, high-quality child care is something of a premium commodity in the Fargo area, as young families struggle with long waiting lists and high costs.

But that isn't just an issue for those who count on quality care to help their families function. It's also an issue for the employers that would hire them.

Robin Nelson, CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley, joins host Tammy Swift for this episode to talk about the issue of child care access and how it has ripple effects across our local economy.

How one business in Fargo is helping local manufacturers fill gaps and grow
Fri Jul 08 07:47:19 EDT 2022
Forum Business Reporter and podcast host Thomas Evanella has the latest in business news from around the Fargo-Moorhead area. The InForum Business Beat podcast is a product of Forum Communications, brought to you by business reporters from The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. For more, go to

What's next for the booming town of Horace?
Fri Jul 01 15:30:00 EDT 2022
The town of Horace, once a sleepy rural bedroom community, is seeing an explosion in population and is expected to reach 5,000 residents by the end of the year. While city leaders welcome the growth and new businesses, they're also working hard to maintain Horace's small-town feel.

Business reporter Helmut Schmidt recently reported on the boomtown of Horace and joins the show to break it all down.

Bill Gates is tied to a farmland purchase in North Dakota. Why does that matter?
Fri Jun 24 17:25:40 EDT 2022
Farm land changing hands isn't uncommon, especially in a state as focused on agribusiness as North Dakota. But when AgWeek broke the story recently that a recent land sale is tied to billionaire Bill Gates, people took notice. Why, and why do these transactions matter? AgWeek Editor Jenny Schlecht joins the show to talk about this story and why it matters to rural North Dakotans.

'Glamping' business in Fargo helps campers tap into their inner diva while enjoying the great outdoors
Fri Jun 17 08:00:43 EDT 2022
Could you get into "glamping"? It's a style of camping that has now come to Fargo. Combining the ideas of glamor and camping, this new business, created by local twin sisters, is up and running with a variety of themes. 

Is it time to buy an electric vehicle? Here's what some owners had to say
Fri Jun 10 15:14:03 EDT 2022
With gas prices skyrocketing, you might think about getting an electric vehicle as a way to save money. But is it the right purchase for you? InForum digital producer Kris Kerzman talked with several EV owners about it for a recent story and he joins host Thomas Evanella to talk about it.

Unions are surging in strength nationwide. Why? And will their popularity spread to North Dakota?
Fri Jun 03 16:21:56 EDT 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things, one of which appears to be a surge of unions popping up in businesses that were not unionized prior to the pandemic. InForum Business Reporter Thomas Evanella delves into why this is happening and why some believe North Dakota is about to see more of it. 

Mas Tequila, Punk Chef Pizza and District 64 set to open as two longtime local businesses close
Fri May 27 16:50:19 EDT 2022
This week, reporter Helmut Schmidt joins host Thomas Evanella for a recap of a busy week in local restaurant/bar openings and closings. Mas Tequila, Punk Chef Pizza and District 64 announced openings as two longtime local spots, Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse and Speak Easy, announced their closings.

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