Letter: Wisconsinites deserve fair maps

The maps proposed in SB 621/AB 624 do not reflect what the majority of Wisconsinites want.

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Most believe that all Wisconsin voters, no matter who we are or where we’re from, deserve an equal voice and an equal say in electing leaders whose decisions impact our lives.

We define our communities, communities set their own boundaries, and every community gets an equal say. But the proposed district maps that define who governs us deliberately carve up our communities so that the wealthiest among us can have their few voices dominate and drown out the needs and beliefs of the rest. For too long, our gerrymandered maps have rigged the rules so that certain elected leaders don’t feel beholden to their constituents' needs and voices.

Voting maps should be fair — they should not reflect the current status quo or consider what incumbents need or want. The people we elect need to listen to us, and fair maps mean better outcomes for our communities.

Last week our Progress North organizers, Cheyenne Otto-Defoe and Jade Livingston, went to Madison for the legislative hearing on the proposed maps. Progress North represents people in Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, Price and Sawyer counties.

Over 200 people attended, and not one person testified in support. The maps proposed in SB 621/AB 624 do not reflect what the majority of Wisconsinites want.


There are 55 county boards that voiced support for a nonpartisan redistricting process, including Ashland and Douglas counties. In poll after poll, large majorities of voters across the state from both parties say maps should not favor one party over another. The maps now proposed are so bad Princeton University graded them an F !

Contact state Sen. Janet Bewley and Reps. Nick Milroy and Beth Meyers today! Tell them to continue to listen to the will of the people and vote no on the gerrymandered maps.

Shawnu Ksicinski,

Executive Director, Progress North

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