Letter: Wisconsin needs Medicaid expansion

To the editor:

Expanding Medicaid would benefit Wisconsin in so many ways. First, Medicaid expansion would provide health insurance for an additional 82,000 adults under BadgerCare, allowing them to receive needed care in clinics instead of emergency rooms. This, in turn, would help control medical insurance costs for those of us who already have insurance.

In addition, research shows that small town hospitals are less likely to close in states that expand Medicaid. Thus, expanding Medicaid would help ensure that more rural residents continue to have access to hospitals in nearby communities instead of having to travel long distances for emergency care and for giving birth.

Finally, expanding Medicaid would bring federal matching dollars into the Wisconsin budget, providing additional money to help fund education, roads, safe drinking water, and other pressing needs. Refusing to do so simply doesn’t make financial sense for our state.

Although a majority of Wisconsinites support expanding Medicaid, it is blocked by the Wisconsin legislature. Please contact your state senators and representatives and urge them to vote for expanding Medicaid. It is the right move financially and morally and should be an easy decision.


Wisconsin residents can identify their state legislators at or by calling the toll-free legislative hotline at 800-362-9472.

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