Letter: Vote in this election

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My fellow citizens:

The 2020 election is rapidly approaching. State and local officials are saying more absentee ballots will be cast than ever before. We also hear and read that the U.S. Postal Service may experience delivery delays due to the volume of absentee ballots mailed in.

I respectfully urge each person who is eligible to vote to do so. If you will be voting by absentee ballot, please remind yourself and others that voting early is the best way to assure your absentee vote will be received and counted.

Wisconsinites should also know that each city, village and town can establish special ballot drop-off sites and boxes. Many communities throughout Wisconsin have already adopted this practice. If you need information about drop-off sites and boxes for your community, contact the local clerk’s office.

Voting, as each of us knows, is essential to keeping our nation healthy, free and united.


Thanks, and thanks for voting.

Joe Maassen,


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