Letter: Earth Day is my favorite

Celebrating Earth Day is fun.

Earth globe for Earth Day Suomi NPP.jpg
Swirling with clouds, bountiful with life, the Earth defies the void in this satellite image made in April 2015.
Contributed / Ocean Biology Processing Group at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
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Editor's note: The third grade class at Superior's Cathedral School submitted Letters to the Editor in honor of Earth Day. Their parents have given their permission for their letters to be printed.

It is important to take out the refuse. Taking out the trash is serious because it keeps the Earth healthy. For an example, a river with trash would be gross. It is important to pick up garbage.

Celebrating Earth Day is fun. Earth Day is fun because you get to do lots of work. For an example, plant trees. If we did not have trees, we would not be living. Celebrating Earth Day is my favorite.

Third grade
Cathedral School

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