Letter: America is a victim of its own success

America really began its powerful and wealthy success when World War II began in Europe and Asia. Tiny socialism seeds were sown by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his New Deal.

Mr. Roosevelt may have felt it necessary to help our citizens from the 1929 stock market crash and Depression, or did he see an opportunity for the beginning of socialism? America had all the pieces of industry in place to enable it to build the most powerful military ever known. After winning WW II and with all this power and wealth, America virtually rebuilt Europe, Japan and all that was damaged by the ravages of that war. America then looked inward.

With the New Deal, each new leader began to add more and more to it. Through the years the New Deal brought other new programs, and created many new federal departments and employees expanding the government over and over again. Many of these programs, overlap each other and dole out millions and millions dollars. America's wealth and success would now be a target for lobbyists and law makers alike who all wanted a piece of the American pie and its money.

Through the years our leaders have divided us in many ways. The different groups are each promised something by future politicians . The largest group are the 44% of the population who pay only 0.01% of federal income taxes. They are by far the largest group of voters who are promised more and more by our leaders. This means they are profiting from the success of America without having to support it.

Today, with the reluctance of the Democrat party to keep the flow of illegal immigrants from entering our country, this large portion of non-paying federal tax payers will continue to grow. The new batch of Democrat pPresidential hopefuls are offering many more benefits to them with the hope to get their votes.


Who can blame the immigrants for wanting to come to America? In the past, all citizens had the opportunity needed to succeed and prosper, because of America's success. One has to look no farther than California, who now has legislatively given free health care and safety from deportation to illegal aliens. This happens because of the success of America.

The success of America cannot sustain itself with half of the population being supported by the other half. With the amount of illegal population coming across our borders, the taxpayers will be the minority and will be supporting more non payers than payers.

In the past and because of its success, America has been a great hope to many in the world. Today, it is a victim of its own success. Does anyone remember when a leader of the Democrat party said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country?"

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