I live just downhill from Enbridge Energy's Line 5 pipeline in Douglas County. I am concerned about the safety of this pipeline. A spill could impact my property. But I am more concerned about larger issues than the impact on my property and family.

I am concerned about the threats to our rivers, wetlands and the Great Lakes from shipping Canadian tar sands petroleum through Line 5. Tar sand petroleum is much more dangerous than crude oil. It is more corrosive, contains more toxic chemicals, and is harder to clean up than crude oil. It must be shipped under higher pressure, which increases the risk of accidents. Line 5 is 68 years old.

Using Canadian tar sands petroleum is the dirtiest possible way to get energy. It results in greater carbon emissions and more environmental damage than crude oil production. This will exacerbate climate change and adversely impact my children's and grandchildren's future lives.

The few short-term jobs created from the pipeline are not worth the long-term costs. More jobs can be created installing wind or solar. Conservation has better payback than shipping more dirty energy.

Line 5 doesn't carry energy used in Wisconsin. It takes Canadian petroleum through our state on its way to a refinery in Ontario.

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Wisconsin gets the risk and Enbridge gets the profits. Our lakes, rivers, and climate are too valuable to sacrifice for a Canadian company's profits. We must do better.

Philip Anderson,