Dear editor,

I am writing out of frustration about a possible problem that I believe exists in the court system and law enforcement here in Superior. I am especially concerned about one provision that law enforcement uses called probable cause.

If a situation arises whereby someone is accusing another of a possible infraction and the allegations were not substantiated or proven to be true, how can law enforcement use the probable cause provision at their own discretion? I am a firm believer that one is innocent until proven guilty.

Non-serious allegations should not be given a lot of time or expense of taxpayer dollars. The probable cause provision should be authorized by the court and not as a personal tool for law enforcement to act on their own and possibly jail an innocent person, thus violating the rule of law and someone's legal rights.

The rules of law enforcement standards must be adhered to as well. Officers who violate law enforcement policy and protocol must be held accountable for their actions.

Also, law enforcement should not pursue people unless all allegations in certain cases have been proven to be true and accurate. And law enforcement should not make personal and demeaning statements against people. This is a violation of individual rights and does not adhere to the standards of law enforcement.

I believe a thorough review of the legal and law enforcement systems in Superior should be undertaken and changes made where necessary to make sure policy and standards are adhered to in order to prevent the rights of the accused and all citizens from being violated.