Mr. Lisi scolded Karen Schroeder for focusing her letter to the editor on the racist history of the Democrats ("Stop associating welfare benefits with minorities," Oct. 11 Telegram). Lisi suggested that Karen focus on current policies to see who the Democrats have become.

OK, let’s do that.

According to the Department of Labor, when the most current Democrat President Obama took office in January 2008, “… the black unemployment rate was 12.7%. ... The worst black unemployment under Obama was 16.8 in March 2011 — a 28-year-high black unemployment.”

According to a 2012 “Black Enterprise” article: “Minority business has always done better during Republican presidencies than under Democratic ones. But under this current administration (Obama), Black and Hispanic contracting with the federal government have decreased 8 and 7%, respectively."

According to a “Washington Examiner” article dated July 21, 2018: “Ever since President Obama took office, the poverty rate among children has soared to 22%, with 3 million more children living in poor conditions, according to an authoritative new report released Tuesday."

Karen Schroeder was correct when she explained that families on welfare are subjected to a form of slavery no matter the race of the family ("Democrats ignore their party's history," Sept. 20 Telegram). When adults have to rely on a government for their basic needs, those adults lose a sense of self-worth, of value, and their children live in poverty.

The purpose of Karen’s letter was to discourage Democrats from calling President Trump and conservatives racists because Democrats are in no position to condemn anyone on the race issue. Karen also implied that the past and present history of conservatives does NOT justify accusing conservatives of racism.

Under President Trump, black and minority unemployment is at historic lows. According to a 2018 “Chamber Business News” article: “Minority business owners received a record $9.7 billion in combined loans — 32% of the agency’s loan portfolio. Women-owned businesses received $7.4 billion in loans.”

Democrats need to realize that the pot should not call the kettle black if they wish to avoid pushback.