I am writing in response to a letter by Bob Olson that was published on Oct. 1 titled “Those accusing Trump of racism ignore his record." This article claims that Trump is not a racist and goes on to list awards that he has received from the mid-1970s all the way to 2015. The reason I care about this is because some things listed are misleading.

The author of this letter lists the awards in an attempt to debunk claims of Trump being called a racist. However, listed was an Ellis Island Award that is given to people who help those in need, are generous, share their knowledge, compassion and unique talents.

Trump received this award in 1986, but was falsely claimed to have gotten it for his “work within the black community,” while in reality, he received it in honor of being a successful developer in New York City.

In 1995, President Trump was awarded the President’s Medal by the Freedom Foundation for his “support of youth programs." Although this is true, it is not a part of how he has helped minorities because a minority refers to the four major ethnic and racial groups living amongst a more dominant group.

To receive this award, he was a member of the Police Athletic League’s (PAL) Board of Directors, which is an organization designed to allow the police force to help coach young students in sports, homework and other school-related activities. PAL does not focus on helping a certain ethnic group since it helps all children, for if it did, it would make more sense for this to be on the list of how he has helped minorities.

Because it doesn’t focus on one particular group, this would not be a reasonable argument as to how Trump is not a racist.

The 2008 Unicorn Children’s Foundation Shining Star Award was awarded to Trump for raising $1 million for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. This has nothing to do with racism or minorities so I don’t see why this award is included in the article.

For most of these awards, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what they represent and why they’re given to certain people and not others. Because not all of these rewards represent Trump’s work with minorities, this list gives readers a false sense that he’s more diverse than he actually is.