Gerry Lisi referred to my letter about calling conservatives racist a “horrible” letter ("Stop associating welfare benefits with minorities," Oct. 11 Telegram). Democrats find it horrible to be identified as racist when past and present history supports the label. Stop calling conservatives racists. This was the point of my letter.

Lisi missed the fact that my letter was focused on racism only. Therefore, I discussed slavery from the perspective of racism. Lisi wants me to admit that whites also receive welfare and he claims that means welfare recipients are not being enslaved.

Mr. Lisi, some men, women and children of all races have been enslaved since biblical times. Slavery occurs when one person who believes that he or she is superior to another, also believes that he or she has the right to control how another person thinks, speaks, earns money, spends money and votes.

Therefore, Mr. Lisi, a healthy, capable person of any race who is forced to be on welfare by government policies is being enslaved. When people depend upon others for their basic needs, when they must vote one way to assure that their basic needs will be met without public humiliation, those people are enslaved.

Mr. Lisi, like most Democrats, suggested that I ignore past history and look at modern treatment of minorities by Democrats. If I do, Lisi seems sure that I will realize that the Democrat Party has changed from their KKK days and that Democrats are truly liberators of the minorities in America.

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Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio's Office of Immigrant Affairs has decided to impose a fine of up to $250,000 upon anyone who uses the words “illegal aliens." Democrats are trying to control the way we think, the way we speak, and what policies we are allowed to support or reject. Minorities see this.

Under Democrat presidents, black unemployment soared and black entrepreneurship was very limited. Minorities know that illegal immigrants are too often victimized by unscrupulous employers. Illegals are often underpaid for their work that creates competition and job loss for minorities who are American citizens.

Hispanic Americans resent seeing their fellow Hispanics encouraged to enter our country illegally where they become victimized by their status. During the 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations, it was clear that the Hispanic community blames Democrats for this victimization.

Under President Trump, black and minority unemployment is at historic lows. When President Trump mentioned this in a "State of the Union" address, Democrats refused to applaud. Black voters saw this and became “woke."

Under President Trump, black and minority entrepreneurship has increased significantly because of policies Trump put into place that helped minority members develop business plans and obtain small-business loans.

When President Trump mentions this progress in the next "State of the Union" address, will the Democrats sit on their hands again?