As a Christian, the overriding principle that guides my life is that I am a sinner saved by grace and, therefore, have no right to feel pride or superiority. When the Republican Party starting calling itself the party of God and morality, I was cynical about their sincerity, and time has proven to me that I was right.

I would need a huge case of cognitive dissonance to look at the greed, corruption and lack of humanity that permeates the GOP to say it was somehow God's party. These hucksters have sold gullible people snake oil and called it Christianity.

Trump has told thousands of lies and the Republicans have said nothing. Jesus said that he was "the truth and the life" and called Satan "the father of lies." Draw your own conclusions.

The story of the rich young ruler is told in three of the gospels. Jesus knew where this man's heart was and told him to sell his possessions and to give the proceeds to the poor if he wanted to be a follower. The GOP continues to rob the middle class and poor by giving favors and tax breaks to the richest in our country.

Jesus said that the meek would inherit the Earth. Trump puts himself above the law and is shattering the rule of law in our country and is refusing to answer to Congress, which is the opposite of meek. He continues to dynamite our constitutional safeguards in order to enrich himself.

Jesus and his family were of Middle Eastern descent. They sought refuge in Egypt when King Herold was murdering young male children in Bethlehem. If he were on Earth today, he probably couldn't get across our southern border.

Dostoevsky's "Brothers Karamazov" includes the tale of the Grand Inquisitor, who explains to Christ that his presence on Earth would hinder the work of the church. If you think this is far-fetched, remember it was the religious leaders who lobbied Rome for Christ's death because he was questioning their practices.

Church leaders who have led credulous people into a false gospel will eventually have to answer for their pandering to the rich and powerful.