A letter was sent to Gov. Evers last week asking for an immediate one-year moratorium on the permitting of concentrated animal feeding operations to allow our state lawmakers to do their due diligence and come up with laws that are fair for CAFOs and the citizens who live by them.

Lawmakers must protect our precious water resources in the state. Once they are contaminated, it is too late. We need legislation to protect homeowners who have been impacted by contaminated wells and other inconveniences created by CAFOs, including harassment from CAFO operators.

Lawmakers have previously failed to do their jobs. The fight has fallen to individual families and groups slugging it out in court, at a great personal cost. This just isn’t right.

I am asking for your assistance in notifying citizens statewide to write or call the governor. We need statewide support for this moratorium. It’s time for the state to act and come up with solutions.

The governor’s address is :

Honorable Governor Tony Evers

115 East State Capitol

Madison, WI 53707

Phone: 608-266-1212 or 414-227-4344