This is not a call to arms or to congregate and demonstrate. We are the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to every person out there. We can pray for them, heal them with care and concern but now we have to protect them from this country.

Name calling, insulting rhetoric and demeaning others in public with physical issues is so common place from the top (WH) to the everyday man and woman. Our children hear this when we don't; they see it when we are not really looking; and they repeat what they hear; they mimic what they see; and we see it, but we don't want to deal with it.

We truly bully other countries, show a huge degree of being "special" and "better" and we teach fear of others collectively.

We are not special; we are blessed. We are not better humans because we are American than the people of any other country.

We are the same - we have body, soul, mind and heart - but we have money, arrogance and hatred for everyone who is not us.

But they are us under God. He made them like he made us, but we know better - really? They all have feelings, fears, pain and love. We don't see it because we have been taught to see everyone else as "different."

A rainbow would not be a rainbow if it was only one color. Fine linen would not be so fine if that was all that there was. In fact, we have reverted to black and white TV in the world.

No beauty of difference, no charm of cultures and certainly no room for God's other children - truly our children when the final hour comes, or do you see it differently? - then you better tell God.

Arleen Schindler

Solon Springs