Dear editor,

It is my contention that the most dangerous man in America is not the abysmally unqualified man in the White House - that honor belongs to Mitch McConnell, majority leader of the Senate.

The push for greater and greater tax cuts for the wealthy, championed by the Republican Party for decades, has put the United States (and most likely the world) on a collision course toward a financial collapse that will dwarf what happened in 2008 under the Bush administration. Continually increasing military spending with no tax increase for those who can afford to pay will only exacerbate the problem.

The answer to this dilemma for Mitch and his cohorts and financial backers is always to slash spending on social programs, which actually benefit American citizens and help our economy by putting money into it instead of into weapons, which destroy other countries and contribute to the refugee crisis.

I believe McConnell is aware that, as Americans become more aware of what is actually going on, it will be harder for Republicans to be election to office. What is McConnell's end game then - one he has been playing for years - packing federal courts with conservative judges who will uphold the bias toward the 1 percent of Americans who country the wealth in this country.

He refused to even allow a moderate judge, nominated by President Obama, to be given a hearing by the Senate and then pushed through Kavanaugh without a proper investigation into his past.

Now he wants to push through judges using the "nuclear option," which will bypass proper hearings before confirmations. (So little time, so much damage to do).

He has refused to put the release of the Mueller report on the Senate floor after it was decided 420-0 in the House in favor of the release of the document. I could go on and on about the treachery of this one individual determined to undermine democracy, but space will now allow. If Americans continue to watch the reality show that is the presidency, Mitch will continue to degrade American institutions beyond recognition.

Yours truly,

Mary C. Johnson