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Letter: Duluth author's letter shed SHS in false light

I am writing to address a concern that the Superior High School staff and students feel very strong about. On Tuesday, Feb. 19, an opinion that was rudely directed at our high school was published in the Duluth News Tribune.

I am responding to the specific letter written by a Duluth community member. The letter headline was: "Photo seemed typical of Superior players." This is a false accusation and sadly hurt many of the students and alumni of the Superior High School and Superior community.

I'm flabbergasted that an opinion from a different state can be published in a paper that has no facts and absolutely no truth. Before the opinion was published about bashing another school the paper should have taken into account what a harsh direct statement was being advertised and the emotional hurt it's caused too many.

We the Superior community cannot just sit back and let an outsider bash our school, our reputation and what we stand for and what we Spartans fight for. It is absolutely not right and by no means appropriate that the Duluth community member who hasn't attended Superior High School can right about what she witness from the stands.

Every day, teachers drill "work, respect and belong." Everything we do, we represent our three motto words. We work together; we respect each other; and we all belong and have a place in the great Superior Spartan High School family.

The community member of Duluth states in her letter: "Did you see the pathetic picture on the front page of the Sports section on Feb. 6 of a Superior hockey player flattening a Hermantown hockey player ... I hope he was ordered to hang his skates up."

Superior would like to let Duluth's people know that the boy on the front cover "flattening" a boy is one of the best players, scoring 11 goals and 10 assists this year. Taking pride in his sport and the game he plays with his team. All the boys work together on and off the ice and respect their opponents. They are all playing the same game and do what they all love.

None of our school's players would purposely harm someone for their team's benefit and definitely someone whose playing the same game. Both teams are just trying to get the winning title. They don't play for themselves; they play for the people in the stands.

The letter was false on so many levels, stating all sports seem to be bad to watch as long as Superior is playing and asked what is wrong with the coaching staff, as well as having false accusations of what happens during our sporting events.

As for hockey, if the coach catches his boys using foul language or doing anything non-player-like, they are required to do push-ups and bag skate for long hours. Our Spartan coaches don't take bad behavior lightly.

Swim is punished if they have any negative sportsmanship and our required to do push-ups.

As for dance team, if they are careless or show any bad energy they're required to do kick drills. I know this first-hand because I was in dance.

These aren't just false statements we make up, unlike Duluth's community member. We are the kids that see every day what happens if we don't give 100 percent and show our best attitudes.

With these correct facts from eyes inside the school and sports this is the real Superior Spartans. Everybody at Superior has a place and offers a special part to make the great Spartan title. All of our coaches put in more hours then what is just showcased during play time. They take their coach title home with them and during the school days.

Duluth community member, the only negative reputation of our school is you making false accusations at our great school, staff and students and this community. I think she owes all of us Spartans an apology for the harm she's done as for the long hours of dedication we all put in.

We work for our spot on top and for the win and it shows. The letter was directed at the hockey team and all of the sports at Superior. Little does she know what's on the inside of this great school and the focus point everyone works on: sportsmanship. I look forward to what this community can do to prove how much we do to hold a great title.


Kacy Larson

Senior, Superior High School