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Letter: Last cup of coffee served

With the passing of Lorraine Saari on Feb. 10, an era ended. The Ogden Avenue Coffee Clutch began in the early 1950s with four neighbors on Ogden Avenue. They met every weekday afternoon for coffee, sewing, cards and good old-fashioned gabfests. Soon all the ladies from 24th Street to 26th Street on Ogden were meeting for coffee.

This grew into a birthday club, picnics, fish frys, fancy dinners and barbecues. It expanded to include the husbands on nice evenings. All their children played together and knew each other. It was a time when children would play outside until dark, or later for flashlight tag.

Membership over the years included the original members: Myrtle Russ, Helen Lindquist, Margaret Larson and Lorraine Sari. Soon, Hattie Bernacki, Edith Nelson, Margaret Simonson, Virginia Murto, Katherine Anderson, Millie Ahlborg, Bea Olson, Evelyn Miller, Linda Ness, Dorothy Johnson and Katherine Cronin Hunter joined the coffee clutch. Their children grew up and had children and grandchildren of their own, but the ladies still got together for many years.

With Lorraine's death at age 99, an era ended. But the memories of their small coffee club will live on in the hearts of their many descendants.

John O. Larson