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Letter: The only emergency is Trump's declaration

Trump's declaration of emergency is a blatant attempt to bypass congressional control over federal spending. Having failed to get the money he wanted to build the wall, both from the prior Republican-controlled Congress and the latest budget compromise, he is illegally trying to bypass Congress.

This is illegal because no actual emergency exists! We have had illegal immigrants for a long time with few problems. They are not criminals and actually help the economy. The number of unauthorized Mexican immigrants peaked in 2007. We have been debating these issues for decades.

There is a failure to address immigration issues, but no emergency.

Other problems are much more important than immigration. The cost of health care, education, housing and the decline in family supporting jobs affect more people. Environmental problems, like unsafe drinking water, impact everyone. Border "security" has no impact on the average American.

The declaration is dangerous because it gives Trump too much power. Given Trump's known impulsive, racist, authoritarian behavior, and his demonstrated ignorance on almost every topic, this is dangerous. Trump cannot be trusted to act responsibly with emergency powers.

The emergency declaration cannot be allowed to happen. It is up to the people to stop it. We must push Congress to pass a resolution to end it. When Trump vetoes the resolution, we must demand an override of the veto. Do your part.

Contact your representatives today.

Philip Anderson