Dear editor,


Today we are inundated with information about climate change, but I am encouraged by some positive news. In Wisconsin, solar and geothermal installations continue to increase. Local electric coops are providing incentives to conserve energy and help transition away from fossil fuels.

Solar farms are increasing with a 300-megawatt installation being planned in Iowa County. And this demand for renewable energy is also creating jobs. Components for solar products are being manufactured in Wisconsin and "solar installer" is one of the fastest growing jobs in the country.

Politically, cities large and small have passed resolutions calling for addressing climate change on both the local and national level. Endorsers in Wisconsin include Rice Lake, Eau Claire, LaCrosse, Waupaca, Stevens Point and Madison.

In Congressman Sean Duffy's 7th district, over 200 businesses have endorsed action on climate change. And nationally, an Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend bill was introduced in both senate and house near the end of 2018 and will be reintroduced in the 116th congress.

Please tell your elected officials that you support finding solutions to climate change. Representative Duffy will listen to us if we urge him to work with his house colleagues on a real bipartisan solution to this mounting challenge. It is easy to call or email Rep Duffy. The staffers that answer the phone are courteous and they do listen and pass your concerns on to the congressman.

It's not hopeless! Remember that citizen concerns drove past environmental accomplishments like cleaner air and water, and the banning of DDT, ozone-depleting chemicals, and lead in paint and gasoline.

Since 1970, eight past presidents and their congresses have made positive contributions to our health, safety and scientific knowledge - let's encourage today's leaders to do the same.

Kristine Keyzer

Sarona, Wis.