What I was a witness to today, Friday, Jan. 25, 2019, is a total miscarriage of justice. As a retired police investigator for a major police department who has either, written, served, had court approval and testified to hundreds of warrants, as was conducted this morning by the FBI, I see a law enforcement agency out of control.

The way this particular warrant was conducted would have never passed scrutiny in the department I served in. If this had happened where I worked, it would have led to disciplinary action, to the officers who served, wrote and caused this warrant to be served by their superiors.

This warrant was served as if this man, Roger Stone, a political adviser, was a major drug dealer, gang leader or gun runner who would have been expected to resist and put up a gun fight when the arrest occurred.

A warrant served in the manner this morning would have warranted special scrutiny by supervisors and court order. We see none of these extenuating circumstances in this case.

As with other warrants served under Mr. Mueller's authority, it is a total waste of manpower and a political ploy to gain media attention. In this particular situation, the CNN News corporation received leaked information by someone within Mueller's organization. The leak is a crime on its own. Will it be investigated?

The organization I worked for would never have used tactics as used here on a known, prominent, business man, or political figure as Roger Stone is. At the very least, a two man FBI crew should have gone to Mr. Stone's home during normal business hours and the outcome would have been the same: man in custody.

With this entire Mueller investigation - he, along with the FBI, CIA and Justice Department - we are a witness to what can only be described as a coup d'état, to unseat a duly-elected president. The entire Mueller investigation was based on false information given to the FISA court.

Where do citizens go for justification when there is overkill by law enforcement?

Arnold Breitenbach