I am deeply disturbed that President Trump is willing to sacrifice the livelihood, security and well-being of millions of Americans for the sake of winning his wall. How ironic that Native Americans, the first people to be here, are among those impacted most heavily.

The Cato Institute and other sources have poked major holes in the argument that a wall is effective in dealing with illegal border crossings and drug traffickers. And the notion that the troubles at the border rise to the level of a state of emergency is absurd. It's outrageous that the administration is even looking into the possibility of declaring a state of emergency, so that President Trump gets his way.

It was only a few months ago that President Trump, and both political parties, had reached a deal to address immigration reform and border security. The government would not have shut down. But then President Trump backed out.

The majority of Americans don't support the building a wall to address immigration reform and national security. Republicans are divided on this issue. We badly need Republicans of good faith to stand up to President Trump, end this government shutdown and get our country back on track.

Mary Wichita

Mason, Wis.